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Fascinating Creatures You Didn’t Know Exist

How well do you know the world around you?

Before you answer that, did you know that of all the 8.7 million species, the human race is part of the two million animal species yet we are 7.6 billion walking on the face of the earth?

Some of the creatures you are about to see will take your breath away:

Broad-nosed weevil

This pretty special weevil cannot fly. It also possesses the ability to destroy a plant in two days. Their life is simple: after they mature, they mate, lay eggs and die and that is, well, the end of Solomon Grundy’s weevil. Next time you are in your garden, take a close look, you might just miss seeing this beautiful sight.

A broad-nosed weevil. Photo credit: Twitter/Strange Animals

Panther chameleon

Found in Madagascar, the only colour it cannot change into is the colour Purple. The female panther can live for three years.

Panther Chameleon. Photo credit: Twitter/Strange Animals

Tiger beetles

When sprinting, they stop abruptly to process images while holding their antennae in front to “sense their environment”.

Shiny Beetle. Photo credit: Twitter/Strange Animals

Leaf-footed bugs

Are neither your friends nor your enemies. They feed on tomatoes and eggplants.

The leaf-footed bug. Photo credit: Leonardo Castro

Sea urchin

Sea urchins are found close to corals in shallow salt water. You have to take caution when you see them because their razor-sharp spikes can cause respiratory failure. By the way, people eat sea urchins.

A sea urchin. Photo credit: Twitter/Strange Animals

Biscuit starfish

Is so called because it looks like a biscuit. It feeds on algae and is mainly found in Australia.

Biscuit starfish. Photo credit: Twitter/Strange Animals

Sea dragons

Their form keeps them hidden from enemies. They are found in the shallow waters of Australia.

Sea dragons. Photo credit: Twitter/Strange Animals

If you would love to have any as a pet, let us know. We might just be able to figure out how.

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