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5 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

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No relationship can stand the long -time hurdle if trust is lost. As much as love is important in a relationship, trust is also very vital. Relationships will only last for a short time if trust is not present.

Below are some tips to help in building trust in any form of relationship:

Be true to your words

Trust works when people believe what you say. Building trust requires not only keeping the promises you make but also not making promises you are unable to keep. When you are true to your words, you show others what you expect from them, and in turn, they will be more likely to treat you with respect, developing further trust in the process.


Effective communication

Effective communication is key in developing trust. When you are able to communicate your feelings effectively, people will be able to know the limits you are able to go and your commitment. Without effective communication, you may find the messages you’ve intended to send aren’t the messages that are received.

Keep secrets

When a partner keeps a secret with you, ensure it is a kept secret, do not go around discussing what they told you in private. Unless they bring it up, it is not your duty to discuss it. This helps to build trust among friends, couples and business partners.

Be supportive

When you are that stage of building trust, it is important to be supportive.  If one person in the relationship doesn’t feel that they can take a risk, make mistakes or try new things with your support, the relationship will falter. On the other hand, being supportive in good times and bad opens us up to living our truth knowing someone has our back.

Never judge

It is not in your place to judge people when they open up to you, this makes it difficult for them to trust you. If they are hurt, apologise, if they say something is important to them, see it that way too. This helps build trust in you.

Building trust is a gradual thing and it takes constant effort.


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