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Five Morning Traditions That Will Make You Productive All Day

Ugh, Monday!

The weekend is over; it’s back to the grind.

More often than not, how we start our day determines how we end it. Starting your day with precision you will most likely have a productive day.

Here are a few ways to start your day wisely:

Set Your Alarm with Precision

One thing we are all good at without training is hitting snooze when our morning alarm rings. It is advisable to set your alarm at least 5 minutes before the time you plan to wake up. For instance, if you need to be up for 6 am set it for 5:55 am, so every day you wake up between 5:55 to 6 am after some time this specific routine is ingrained in your psyche, forcing you out of bed on time.

Write out the day’s activities

This helps you to be intentional with your actions, helping you avoid forgetting or skipping any important activity you are supposed to attend to. Writing your daily activities out also keeps you organized all day.

Find a meal plan that is best for you

A lot happens during our daily 9-to-5 that most times we forget to keep our healthy diet on track, we get so caught up with work and eat junk most times to just to keep us going until the day’s work is done.
Being intentional about the first meal of the day is one step to keeping your healthy diet on track, also get a lunch plan that suits you.

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is the real secret behind productive mornings, going to bed by 10 pm helps you get up by 5:55 am the next day.
Listing your achievements for the day keeps you positive and grateful for your progress for the day.

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