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Five Ways To Use Oranges In Your Home

You have been using oranges wrong…

Oranges, a citrus fruit, are packed with vitamins and roughages that are essential to the health.

Unknown to many, there are other ways that you can use oranges.

The five ways listed will make you have a rethink when you have an orange:

Face Mask

Orange and milk. Photo beautyfrontline

After enjoying your oranges, leave to dry. When it is completely dry, grind to powder and add milk. Mix until it becomes a paste. Apply on face as treatment.



In cases where drugs for a cough are unavailable, an orange comes in handy. To prepare this homemade therapy, keep
your washed orange in salt water for about 12 minutes. Slice and pour salt on the insides of the orange. Use a spoon to dissolve the salt in the juice. Cover the orange with the top sliced part. Put in boiling water and leave for 12 minutes. Bring down and allow to cool. Drink


Cats are lovely creatures when it comes to keeping company especially humans. These favourite pets are perfect for chasing mice yet they can disturb your garden. To avoid them from destroying your plants, place dried peels around your plants.


Oranges. Photo Mother Inlaw’s Kitchen

Wash Your sink with oranges by slicing it into half and dipping it lightly into salt. Scrub your sink and rinse.


A stinking environment is a no-no for everyone. Yet, the odour from the dustbin can be a stubborn agent. To reduce this, place orange peels at the bottom of your dustbin before you put in your trash.

Now that you have an idea of what to use it for, oranges anyone?

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