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Game Of Thrones Featuring Bukola Saraki

Just a few days ago, the head of the home persuaded Omoluabi not to leave the relationship. “Let us settle our fight like we have always done, Omoluabi. We know we are a formidable force.”

But Omoluabi has had enough.

“I said that I am tired of this deceit and I want a divorce. What is it? Besides the world knows that our relationship is in shambles”.

Filled with rage, the head retorts, “I will show you. In this area, it is me and you!”

Game of Thrones featuring Bukola Saraki. Photo credit:Twitter

“You cannot do anything.. my name is Omoluabi, Eniyan jankan jankan”
It is the last straw. Knowing that the head does not threaten and back down, he tries to deploy tactics. He knows that the head will dig up the sleeping dog: the robbery in Offa.

Omoluabi consults the walls who reveal that his strategy to live with the rest of the family is about to be disrupted.

With a change of mind, he heads out with his cape, a white cloth rumoured to possess mystical powers and his symbol of authority but Ali and his Forty gang have waylaid the road and moved the battlefield to his house.

Unknown to them, the walls have whispered that he visits the gang and his enemies have perfected plans to install a new partner.

“Shift, make I pass abeg”

“Sorry sir, it is an order from above. They said you should follow us”.

“They? Go back and tell them that my name is Eniyan jankan jankan, the one that bore the cat with the nine lives, the one who coughs and stars shake. Tell them that I am on my way and they will know that it is the neck that carries the Oga at the top.

His new partner, the man in the cap peculiar to the South East in his room when Ali and the Forty gang comes knocking.

“Are you the partner to Omoluabi?

“Eh ehn, any problem?”

“You are hereby invited to the site for money laundering”

“Money gini? Everybody come o. Tell them i will not bend the knee”

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