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Google Defamation Suit And Tech-Related News

If you belong to the group of people who have questioned if search engines can get sued or you have ever been sad because you realised that your dope tweet has a typographical error that you cannot correct, all that might soon change:

Below is a rundown of all the tech raves of the moment:


Milorad Trukulja, the man who sued the Google in 2012 and won over AU $ 200,000 (N32,400,000 at that time) after the order of The Victorian Supreme court, took the tech company again to court in 2013 when his image and name appeared in searches like “Melbourne underworld criminals” in their search page. Google appealed and won at the Victorian Court of Appeal. Now the High Court has stated that he has a right to appeal the ruling.


We might be getting an edit button sooner than we expect and it is all thanks to Kim Kardashian. She tweeted this on her handle saying that she persuaded the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey to include the button at her husband’s (Kanye West) birthday party on Saturday.


AT & T/Time Warner

AT & T has gained the legal right to purchase American entertainment conglomerate, Time Warner, in an $85 billion (N30 trillion, 642 billion, 500 million) deal. The CEO of AT & T Randall Stephenson believes that this will enable the company to compete fairly against tech companies like Amazon and Facebook.

World Smartest Computer

The World’s smartest computer name has been revealed. The computer which is a collaboration between IBM and the US Department of Energy has been named Summit. With a speed of over 200 quadrillion calculations per second (200 times faster than your laptop), the computer replaces TITAN. The computer is 8 times more powerful than the titan and weighs over 30 tons and two tennis courts. However, its 185 miles of high-speed fibre-optic cable needs to be cooled with 4,000 gallons of water.

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