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How To Prepare A Resume

With the new year beginning, you definitely will be making major decisions about your relationships, career, finance and various aspects of your life.

If you are considering changing your job, then this article is custom made for you.

Below are helpful tips to create that resume that will get you that dream job:


Font size

The font size of your resume will determine if the Human resource manager or interviewer will read your resume.

People don’t deliberately check out the font but unconsciously loose interest when the font is too tiny or too large.

Arial font is the best font to use for your resume.



Clustering words on your resume will make the reader lose interest. The entire spacing for your resume should be a single-spaced format in order to improve readability.

You definitely do not want the interviewer to lose interest because of how packed your resume appears on paper.



It is advisable to select a template that suits the position you are trying to get. Don’t select a busy template if the job interview does not require it.


Order of the resume

The resume must contain basic information about your person. The order of the resume can begin with your name, contact address, contact number(s), email address and LinkedIn profile(if any).

After your contact information then there should be a career summary/objectives, experience(s), education and referee(s).

You can also include other information like certification(s) and awards.


Third eye

It is advisable to give your resume to other professionals to look at and give you feedback. Try to look at other people resume also.

The resume tips are not cast in stone rather it is highly dependent on the kind of job you are looking for.

Try and tweak your original resume to fit each job interviews.

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