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Interesting Things To Do Indoors During COVID-19 Lockdown

As the stay-home lockdown continues in states like Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja due to the  Covid-19 pandemic, staying indoor for so long can induce mental stress and boredom. This is because of less engagement of the human brain.

Nevertheless, staying indoors can be made fun, and interesting all day long by engaging in these entertaining activities.


Take an online course or tutorial

The one thing that never goes extinct with time is learning. Gaining knowledge is never useless nor time-wasting. Being in a mandatory stay home exercise is the perfect opportunity, to get to learn about new things without having to think of heading off to work early the next day. The internet gives everyone the opportunity to learn anything. One could sign up for a professional course which could give you an edge above others when work finally resumes or take up cooking classes, creatives and art classes, Fashion classes and many more.

Organise your closet/wardrobe

The closet/wardrobe is one space that never really stays arranged, due to the demands of working a 9-5 job most days of the week.  Having to pick different outfits every day from the closet can sure cause a mess. Taking a step to arrange the pile of clothes and organize various clothing items into different compartments would sure keep you busy and duly satisfied when it is done. Moreso, Organizing the closet could reveal certain clothing items you thought were lost.

Reply that message and connect with family and friends

Work and daily outings can most time keep you away from social media. Mails and chat messages get piled up in various social media accounts due to the demanding nature of your job. This stay home exercise has created enough time to reconnect to your social media life. Sort through your emails and chats, reply to those abandoned messages. Having that talk you avoided because of the less time you had on your hands could be very interesting and self engaging.  Also, getting in touch with the grandparents or a long lost friend over the phone or skype makes for a great indoor activity and stress relieving.

Snacks  and movies

The fun watching movies bring cannot be overemphasized. Log on to the internet and download or stream that movie you have always wanted to watch. One could also opt for watching old movies all over again. The old movies give nostalgic feelings and could sure make one forget about the indoor confinement policy. Movies have the power the take you to another world digitally. Just  Snuck in with your blanket, soda, and snacks and enjoy your very own mini cinema.


Staying home would make you see your home in a different light, waking up each day to the same settings can sometimes be boring to look at. So, one could change the look of the apartment just to give your mind a refreshing view. According to a writer, Kelly Medeiros “Moving things around in your home can be fun and refreshing “.

Work out

With more stay home time now, you can get that banging body you have always wanted. Notwithstanding the absence of the gym, there are many home work out programs online.  These work-out exercises are still very effective as any other work out, machine in the gym.

Plan that fun get together and trip

Take the free time to plan a fun get together with friends or that trip you saved up for but never had the time to plan for. Planning for upcoming events engages the mind. You can cook up a great dinner party menu, the theme of the party, wine tasting or just club hopping. You could have fun planning the series of events and coming up with a guest list. More so, surfing the internet for great vacation spots could open your eyes to the beautiful wonders of the world.

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