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International Men’s Day: 5 Unconventional Ways To Treat Your Partner

Somehow, society has made us believe romance and catering to a loved one is solely the man’s job. There’s no disputing this or trying to start an ancestral war in a bid to prove this wrong; but, it should be considered that the menfolk are humans before anything else.


Hence, the need for them to be pampered as well, even before they ask or insinuate that you (the female) should. 

Since we are still celebrating “International Men’s Day” which was on Tuesday, 19, November, here are a few ways you can come through for that special man in your life: 

Serve breakfast… in the bed, of course. 

Ladies can’t be the only species enjoying “breakfast in bed”, men should at least (once in a while) should be woken up to a tray filled with his favorite meal. And if he loves to start his day with just coffee, then brew the best for him. 

Soothe his Nerves 

When we (ladies) get stressed, we look for the most relieving ways to ease off and one of them is through getting a massage from him. Hello!!?? The man massaging you has a body too and goes through just as much stress as you do. So, lay him on his chest and run your oily hands across his, relaxing his body, mind and soul. Even an ordinary head massage will go a really long way. 

Ladies, spend your money! 

There is absolutely no harm in spending your money on your loved one; it is rather selfish to always be in demand and not be willing to give. Step into that gift shop and pick something you know he would like or take him out on an all-expense paid date.  

Most importantly, let him know, with each passing day that you care. 

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