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Less Makeup More Beauty

Many speculations surround the effects of makeup on the face. Certain people have the notion that a beautiful face relies on the amount of makeup applied. However, various beauticians have deduced that the face can do without so much of powdering and contouring and still have a beautiful outlook. Just as the saying too much of everything is bad so it applies to, too much makeup is bad for the facial skin.

It has been reported that cosmetics retain dirt on the facial skin and this induces skin reactions and irritations. These irritations can give the facial skin a rough feel and discoloration. Here are simple ways to keep the face beautiful without the use of makeup.


Rinse face with warm water

Woman Rinsing Face – I| mage – DermHA

The dirt in the air clogs to the facial pores blocking air from penetrating and fat and oil from excreting through sweat. It is recommended to always rinse the face with warm water after a day out. Normal temperature water only cleans out a few dirt. The warm water helps to dissolve and kill the stubborn dirt from dust in the air that has settled on the facial pores

Oil the face

The face just like every other part of the skin needs oil to moisturize the skin. Our facial skin breaks when dry and sometimes develops scaley pigments on the surface. therefore it is suggested to always oil the face. Products like olive oil and aloe vera are suitable for use. This would give the face a glowing appearance. Although it is important not to use the oil in excess as it may result in the darkening of the face.

Scrub with sugar

The face contains fat and oil that induces pimples and blackheads. It is recommended to use sugar as a scrub with lime or lemon. The nutrients in these natural substances help the face to get rid of dead skin cells that the face is yet to shed. The nutrients absorb dirt and open up the pores to allow oil flow out of the skin and brighten blackheads and spots. It is recommended to scrub the face 3-4 times a week.

Steam the face

Steaming is one of the most effective beauty tools for the face. Steam from the hot water helps relieve the stiff muscles of the face, apart from facial massages. When the muscles have relaxed the face is rid of wrinkles giving it a young look.

Steam also helps to exfoliate the skin. The steam penetrates into the pores and sweats out excess oil and dirt. To use at home without visiting the spa, make use of a clean towel dipped in hot water but not hot enough to scar the skin, spread across the face for minutes and continue till desired.

Woman using face wipes | Image – Essence

Use face wipes

Face wipes are face essentials. It’s an easy tool to use for keeping the face clear and bright. Wipes help to thoroughly cleanse the face of dirt and keep it moisturized. It performs the function of both face oil and face cleansers. Face wipes come in different types and with various formulas. It is recommended to use face wipes that contain argan oil and rose water formula. Both formulas are natural and research has proven to be very effective and has fewer side effects and possible reactions to the face. Rosewater is made from rose has anti-aging properties and contains antioxidants that ;

  • Soothes skin irritation
  • Reduces skin redness
  • Heals cuts, scars, and burns.

Argan oil is made from the Kernels that grow on Argan trees. It contains vitamins, specifically Vitamin E in a larger proportion that forms a strong combination that boosts skin health.

Use face cleansers

Cleansers keep the face healthy and as the name suggests, it keeps the face clean. With a clean face comes a smooth face free from pimples, blackheads, and rashes. Most facial cleansers are made with acid formula good for the skin. Nevertheless, cleansers use, varies for various skin tones and textures. Therefore, it is recommended to put that into consideration before using a certain product. This would help avoid face reactions and give the face the glow one desires.

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