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10 Easy Ways To Evaluate Your Life Every Day

You may know where your life is going, where you’d like to see yourself or the things you want to have achieved a few years down the line.

It may seem stressful to your brain and probably depressing for some, but this is an amazing time to bring out that long list and see how you’re doing.

Thinking. Photo: Talent Talks

Here are ten easy ways to evaluate your life right now or every day if you’d like. Feel free to write them down somewhere and then see how much progress you’ve made the next time you evaluate your life.

1. What do you want?
Jot down a list of what is important to you: your goals, dreams, aspirations, people or any other thing, then rearrange the items on your list in order of importance.

2. Face it!
Are you ready to face the reality of your life, or will you just ignore it and stay in denial.

3. Who do you have around you?
Do the people around you (friends, family, colleagues) build you up and support you or do they bring you down and get you in trouble?

4. How are your relationships?
Do you get along with your family; are your relationships with them strained?



5. What is your true identity?
Do you allow people determine who you are and how you react in certain situations, or is your identity based strictly on your personal values?

6. How do you handle mistakes
When you make mistakes or have setbacks, do you have a hard time recovering or do you recognise them, pick yourself up and face them squarely?

7. Do you have a lazy bug?
How active are you? Are you just lazy or “tired” all the time?

8. Do you like what you do?
How do you feel about your job: trapped, satisfied, or longing for one?

9. How do you feel about others winning?
How do you feel about others’ successes? Really think about this one. Do you wish it was you or are you truly happy for them? Do their successes encourage you to work harder or leave you jealous and feeling sorry for yourself?

10. Do you love yourself?
What do you think of when you think of yourself; are you happy with yourself? Do you like how you have become since you were a child?

If this is too much for you to handle, you could just try again another day.

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