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Art Selfie As An Art In Itself

These days, an ‘Art Fair and an Art Selfie’ go hand in hand.

For a generation of art gallery goers, a snap in front of a much-buzzed-about piece would not be such a bad idea. Just make sure you seek permission to take pictures and that you don’t use your camera’s flash.

Meanwhile, Olivia Muus, is a designer and marketer based in Denmark whose work has got my attention in Arts.

I think she is an articulated and creative artist.  Her “Museum of Selfie” Project which she refers to as “fun project” has brought new expression to Arts as it were, in the history of Arts and Culture.

She has created a series of fun and light-hearted photos of old portraits in art museums that make it look like subjects are taking selfies.

Olivia said her inspiration to pioneer this project “Museum of Selfies” came as a result of a visit she made with a friend to the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen.

In her words:

“I took a picture for fun and liked how this simple thing could change character and give facial expression a whole new meaning. “I think it’s interesting how we get a whole new perception of people as soon as there is a smartphone in front of their face.”

Check out some Olivia’s Art Selfies here:

museum )-historical-portrait-selfie-olivia-muus-2

Museum of selfies

Also, Millie Brown is someone else whose work apart from being a handiwork reflects an aspect of “Museum Selfies”. Millie Brown is a British performance artist whose career began at age 17 on a Berlin stage where she vomited onto a canvas after drinking glasses of dyed milk. This performance lasted for two hours, today, Millie has done lots of fantastic jobs in that trail. For Millie, her series is not just a snapshot, but another medium for work.

Vogue in a recent publication about Millie, while writing on the title “This Contemporary Painter Masters the Art Selfie at Frieze” credits Millie for her “vomit paintings” adding that her Art Selfies and snapshots have earned her some 20,000 Instagram followers, who cast likes as she poses with standout art pieces in various statement-making ensembles.

Check out some of Millie’s works below:




-milli-brown-frieze 3



-milli-brown-frieze 2

To this, I’d say, Art is fun and imagery brings unspoken expressions to bear. More than just for the fun of taking selfies, I do wish that people begin to bring expressions back to life with the new and fast rising culture of “Museum Arts selfies,” most importantly when we do it because it promotes “Arts” in an untold beauty all crafted in one piece of our undiluted cultures.


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