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Five Best New Year Resolutions Apps

It’s the start of a new year and naturally, most people are going to spend the first few weeks making resolutions or doing their best to adjust to the resolutions they made towards the end of last year. New habits are never easy to form, especially good ones. Being aware of that fact, here are five apps that might help track your New Year resolutions hence making them more achievable.

Done (iOS)


No matter what your goals are in 2018, Done will help you get through them. The app, in a bid to live up to its name, lets you set goals, reminders, motivates you using the streak and chain system and also helps you chart your progress daily, weekly and monthly. It’s a very handy tool especially for people who love to make lists.

ShareTheMeal (Android and iOS)


If your New Year resolution is not necessarily self-development but more humanitarian, ShareTheMeal is the app for you. The app was created by the United Nations World Food Programme to help children in poverty. On ShareTheMeal, you get to make donations and choose where you want the donations to go to. It’s the perfect motivation for doing a good deed in 2018.


8fit (Android and iOS)


There are a lot of fitness apps in the world today but for your New Year goals, 8fit is one app to try out. 8fit helps you make and track specific fitness goals in detail and has a variety of ways for you to achieve them from meal planners to personal trainers. It’s a relatively new app but it already has great reviews and the developers are reportedly working on new features to help expand the fitness experience.

Wunderlist: To-Do Lists and Tasks (iOS)


Wunderlist is similar to Done in terms of functionality and was specially created to help people complete their tasks. On this app, no task, assignment or project is too trivial; as soon as you add it to the app list, it starts to monitor your progress until you’re done. It’s a perfect way to get you one step closer to attaining your goals.

iHydrate (iOS)


This daily water tracker helps you monitor your water intake in the coming year. Water is essential for a healthy life but, sadly, a number people have a problem figuring out how much water to drink in a day or how often they should hydrate. iHydrate can help you figure out those numbers and has hydration reminders to keep you going.

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