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Ron Jones brings home cinema experience to Nigeria

Ron Jones

Despite the rising influence of digital media in providing entertainment on the go via mobile phones and tablets, cinema remains a very popular form of recreation; it has become a sort of lifestyle. Even at that, watching movies at the cinema is entirely different from the regular TV screens; the feeling is different.

Findings indicate that the larger the screen, the greater the extent to which the viewers are drawn into the action. Besides, the greatest film secret for maximum audience impact is master-level use of sound effects, ambiances, hard effects and their use in the panoramic spectrum. So, no matter where the trend goes, the cinema will be around for a long haul.

Infinite Technology Global (I.T.G.), a US-based company that skillfully merges leading-edge technology with human craftsmanship, is taking cinema experience to private homes. These riveting Home Theater systems can adapt to any space, whether you are building your dream home or remodeling an existing space


The I.T.G.’s custom home theaters come fully equipped with total lighting control, custom seating, combined acoustical treatment and audio set-up for your entertaining enjoyment. Featuring personalised custom control for simplified operation, the touch of one button, for example, gracefully dims the lights, closes the automated curtains. Then energises all the electronics set the volume at a comfortable level and displays the crystal-clear pristine video on a massive cinema screen.

Having made a noticeable impact in the United States, Ron Jones, the CEO of Infinite Technology Global, is currently expanding its operations to Africa, with a state-of-the-art showroom already operational in Victoria Island, Lagos, Jones strives to provide expertise, leadership, and innovation to the consumer electronics industry. His background in communication and electronic engineering and nearly 35 years’ experience running and starting companies in the CE industry has enabled him to become an in pioneer home automation, as well as work with emerging companies to help develop technologies and marketing strategies.

“Infinite Technology Global is a team of experienced professionals, who integrate state-of-the-art audio, video, lighting, communications, and control equipment into both new and existing construction. We work closely with architects, interior designers, builders and directly with owners. We take responsibility for all aspects of our projects, from initial design through installation, maintenance, service, and training,” Jones said in an interview with The Guardian.

“At Infinite Technology Global, it is our goal to design luxury home theater rooms for our exclusive cliental. I wish to create your very own movie palace, Infinite Technology Global makes it possible. With our designed home theaters, you’ll enjoy the authentic cinematic experience right at home.”

Giving insight into the operating principles that drive the firm, Jones hinted that I.T.G was built three pillars.


“First is an exceptional product; we carefully select only the best in segment electronics that have a proven record for the highest performance and reliability. Due to our ranking and longevity, we are partnered with some of the world’s most exclusive brands.”

While describing craftsmanship as one of the defining qualities of an ITG system, he said, “Our select clients quickly notice our team’s commitment and expertise. This has been developed through years of training and experience. The entire team works meticulously to creating unique solutions and maintain the extremely high standards that have become central to the ITG identity.

Again, we offer a premium client service. We pride ourselves on making sure each and every client is catered to at an elevated level; it starts on day one and extends to follow up and ongoing maintenance. Our Lagos base support team consists of highly trained engineers and technicians, which are always available to assist with any concerns. While we are Global in resources, we are local to our clients’ needs.” he said.

As exciting as the experience has been so far, working in this sector comes with its challenges. But as the old saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

“Sure! For instance, we received a consultation request from the CFO of the world’s second-largest bank; the house was immaculate. Immediately, you could sense a great amount of tension. After about three minutes, I fully understood why. The husband wanted to convert the space into a cinema room. While the two prior interviewed companies’ solutions would achieve installing the necessary equipment, the end result would completely demolish the meticulously designed room esthetics.

“I knew we had to craft a nontraditional solution. After brainstorming with our in-house cabinetmakers, we came up with a Brazilian mahogany cabinet to accommodate the latest 4k Laser projector and the audiophile-grade sound components. Upon installation, the custom cabinet blended tastefully with the rooms existing mahogany accents.”


The second task was concealing a massive 3-meter theater screen and the team worked diligently to implement a tri-folded screen mechanism.

“When the screen is not in use, it folds to reduce the footprint to 1\3 open width. Then the tri-folded screen is totally hidden by an integrated oil painting selected by the designer. Upon entering the room, there’s zero indication that a massive screen is there; just a beautiful piece of art.”

With a stunning 3 meter 4k picture and amazing sound quality, the end result is a Stealth Cinema that totally surpassed the husband’s expectation.

“When not in use, all of the equipment is totally concealed. The combination of unique materials and meticulous craftsmanship created a finished product that greatly enhanced the room’s character. I was very surprised on my 7-day to follow up visit when the wife stated there was a new problem; she said all of their friends were truly astonished at the end result, but now they keep inviting themselves over. As we laughed over it, my only suggestion was to charge admission,” he recalled.

Speaking on his experience in Nigeria, he said, “We are currently seeking to collaborate with Nigeria’s top interior designers, architects, builders, and craftsmen. Contemporaneously, the goal is to continue growing our ever-expanding list of content clients. Meanwhile, we are always looking for knowledgeable team members to augment with our Nigerian/US team.”

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