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Listening To Music During Ramadan

Every year, Muslim faithful around the world embark on the Ramadan fast. The Ramadan is a holy period that tests the practical application of Islam in the lives of Muslims.

Ramadan is significant to Muslims because it was during the holy month that the Quran was first revealed. And it is also one of the five pillars of Islam.

Die To Flesh

One of the tenets of the Ramadan is to abstain from anything that will cause a faithful to backslide or cause the prayers to be ineffective.

Although there is a general understanding that people abstain from illicit sexual affairs, drinking and smoking, there is an ongoing conflict on music.

Herculean Music

Music, a universal language, is like medicine to the soul. It transcends the physical and can greatly affect the mood of a person.

Yet, it is one of that must be carefully scrutinized if one must maintain holiness. Words that promote sex, the use of guns, anger are sensitive because it can create imagery and influence the thought pattern.

It is for the reason (and some more) that a school of thought in Islam opine that music is haram (forbidden). A school of thought back up their claim with this the Messenger of Allaah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam words:

“Verily Allaah prohibited wine, gambling and al-koobah; and every intoxicant is prohibited. “Sufyan said: “I asked the narrator, Ali bin Badheemah, ‘what is al-koobah?” He answered, ‘It is the drum.”

and Ibn Maajah in Kitaabul Fitan

The messenger of Allah said: “A people of my ummah will drink wine, calling it by other than its real name. Merriment will be made for them through the playing of musical instruments and the singing of lady singers. Allah will cleave the earth under them and turn others into apes and swine.”

But another notes that music is permissible insofar as it does not promote what contradicts the dictates of the Quran and Hadith. This school recognizes music as a gift from God noting that in itself is good but when its content/lyrics encourage sin, it becomes haram. This school of thought restricts haram to drinking, eating and having sexual relations. After all, they argue, the prophet Mohammed passed by a group of street singers with his wife without condemning it.

Another school abhors the use of certain musical instruments such as string-based ones. Hence, there is an abundance of nasheeds done in acapella.

To Be Or Not

Regardless of the debate, some Muslims still find music as an instrument of praising Allah.

For musicians like Cat Stevens now known as Yusuf Islam, the sound of the Adhan, the call to prayer which was explained to be as “music for God” was his first touch with Islam. Until then, he did not know that music could be used to praise the one the creator of the universe.

Some have creatively sung covers of secular songs to sing one that praises Allah while being in total appreciation of the works of Allah. One of such artiste is Deen Squad.

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