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10 New Sex Positions For Women To Try Before 2017 Ends

By Chidirim Ndeche
20 October 2017   |   5:00 am
Sex makes you happier. There's no doubt about that. Researchers once found out that people who had sex at least once a week were 44 percent more likely to be happy than people who didn't. In case you didn't know, having a great sex life takes work and practice. But it's totally worth it in…

Sex makes you happier. There’s no doubt about that. Researchers once found out that people who had sex at least once a week were 44 percent more likely to be happy than people who didn’t.

In case you didn’t know, having a great sex life takes work and practice. But it’s totally worth it in the end. Try out new positions and put some effort into this beautiful thing, and you’d be surprised which ones you and your partner would end up being obsessed with.

Here are 10 positions to try the next time you’re “getting down and dirty”. Do one every week, starting this weekend, and you’d be done by the end of the year and start the new year with positions you will rock the year with!

The Angled Doggy

Angled Doggy

This type of doggy style doesn’t need much strength or flexibility and he can stimulate your clit with his lovely fingers. Lie face down with your bum raised in the air for easy access (you can lift yourself up with your forearms or a pillow placed beneath your stomach. He can thrust with more force when he places his hands on his back or hips.

The Twisted Spoon

Twisted spoon position

Cuddle-lovers unite! There is a position for you! This, like doggy style, provides deep penetration but doesn’t need as much energy. The closer you are together, entwined sensually, the more aroused you will be. You two should lie on your sides, you facing away from him. Raise your leg that isn’t on the bed in the air and hold on to that leg’s ankle while he gives it to you from behind. To amp this up a bit, let him stimulate your breasts or clitoris or use a sex toy while he moves.

The Cat

The Cat position

You know the missionary position? Well, picture that with a little extra stimulation of the clitoris. Women who normally have trouble reaching orgasm during the missionary position are more likely to orgasm using this technique. Start in the missionary position. Let him shift his body up and over to one side and then rock forwards and backwards as opposed to thrusting up and down. This way, he has direct contact with that pleasure spot.

The Chair

Chair position

This position helps with deep penetration. It is also a way to ease into standing positions if you haven’t quite mastered them. Let him lean his back against the wall with his legs bent at a right angle and then straddle him. It may be a challenge for him to keep his balance, but then his hands are free to roam. Plus plus! If he gets tired, you can drop one of your feet to the floor to make it easier for him and his legs.

The Maypole

Maypole position

This is a wild move. It makes clitoral stimulation easy, so that’s a pleasurable reason to try it. Let him sit on a chair. Straddle him, wrap your legs around his waist and lean back. Let him lift you up with his hands beneath your butt to an almost standing position. Take it easy now. He will lift you up and down on his penis. Bending his knees will help him stay energetic while doing this.

The Twist and Shout

Twist and shout position

Slow and sensual, this position helps with deeper penetration. And you can admire your lover’s body and still be able to maintain eye contact. Two wins! Let him lie down on his back with one leg bent and the other extended out. Straddle only one leg and move up and down against the way his penis curves. This move is pleasurable for the both of you and you get to control the depth and speed.

The Cradled Cowgirl

Cradled cowgirl position

It’s all about clitoral stimulation. This position not only does that; it also helps maintain closeness and intimacy with your lover. Sit in the traditional cowgirl position, then lie forward so that your face is on his neck. His hands are free to play around. He can reach around and play with our butt or wherever else you like.

The Double-Decker

Double-decker position

This is like the position above, but it lets your partner see your body as he thrusts into you, and his hands are free to roam and tease. Start in reverse cowgirl, sitting on him with your back turned to him. Lean back until you’re on your elbow and your back on his chest. He will hold you at the waist to control the rhythm of your movement.

The Galley

Galley position

It’s time to take charge, Queen. Being in control can be so thrilling for him and he can use his fingers on your butthole or a sex toy on your clitoris if you’re into that sort of thing. Like reverse cowgirl, have him sit with his legs forward and lean back on his arms. Straddle him and lie face down on his legs, your head near his feet. Stretch out your legs behind you. He will place his hands on your butt and rock you back and forth.

The Duet

Galley position

It’s good to know your body; know the easiest ways to get you aroused, what your body likes or hates, and how you experience pleasure. This way, you can teach your partner to how to satisfy you. Touch yourself while your partner touches himself. You can sit together, facing each other while you do it. Don’t be shy. Touch his body as he plays with himself. You can sit in front of him if either of you is and lean your back against his chest to make it more comfortable, perhaps while you’re both watching a movie.

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