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Couple’s Quiz: Are You Compatible With Your Partner?

Compatibility is one of the most important factors that draws couples together and keeps the flame going. It is quite normal to argue with your other half once in a while, but if you’re spending most of your time not getting along, you should consider taking this compatibility quiz and find out how well-suited you are for your partner!

As a couple, do you share a mutual vision for your future?
a) No, not really.
b) Not at the moment. We’ll just see what happens.
c) Mostly yes. But we don’t have it all plotted out.
d) Yes. We frequently talk about our future goals together.

When it comes to religion, are your beliefs and ideas similar?
a) We don’t really talk about religion, as we know it’ll cause an argument.
b) We can never agree on this and argue all the time.
c) We do differ in some ways, but we try to make it work.
d) We have very similar ideas and have worked to understand any differences too.

How do you spend your spare time as a couple?
a) We don’t really spend much of our free time together.
b) We argue a lot about not spending enough of our spare time together.
c) We tend to pursue our hobbies separately, which works for us.
d) We have a nice balance between shared interests and separate hobbies.

When it comes to finances, how do your ideas differ that of your partner?
a) We don’t bother talking about money.
b) We have pretty different attitudes when it comes to money, which tends to cause arguments.
c) We prefer to keep our finances separate so that we are responsible for our own money decisions.
d) We tend to agree on most things to do with money. We’re in the habit of discussing things and then making decisions together.

As a couple, do you regularly share a laugh together?
a) Not really. We don’t have a similar sense of humour.
b) Our humour jars with one another. We actually often end up rowing instead of laughing.
c) We do have a giggle together sometimes and like similar comedy shows.
d) We share a laugh most days and it makes us feel connected.

How close are you when it comes to sex and intimacy?
a) We just have mechanical sex.
b) We are pretty passionate. It’s the one area that’s always been good.
c) We like to hold hands and have a cuddle.
d) Intimacy is important to both of us, and we’ve always made time to be close.

During the holiday season, how easy is it for you to decide whose family to spend Christmas with?
a) We tend to split up and visit our own families.
b) We often can’t agree and it causes massive rows.
c) We tend to spend the holiday season away from our families as it makes life easier.
d) We’ve always planned ahead in order to head off conflict and take it in turns.

Mostly As – Perhaps you think trying to address any issues in your relationship will reveal you aren’t compatible at all.

Mostly Bs – You and your partner are quite different and your differences may have created the passion that brought you together but you need to find some common ground for the relationship to work.

Mostly Cs – You’re aware of areas of compatibility as well as difference and you’re mostly able to compromise and work through them.

Mostly Ds – You have similar values on the important things in your lives, from family and friendships to managing money. Your compatibility is high. Add chemistry and this relationship can last.

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