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Five Cheap Ideas For Couples On A Budget

One of the best parts of being a couple is doing activities together! This also comes with lots of benefits as you get to bond with your partner, share long lasting memories and of course create the atmosphere for a bit of romance! The benefits of couple activities are endless but sometimes these activities tend to be quite expensive. We have put together a list of five things you can do to get your #Relationshipgoals on!

  1. Strategic Cooking


Cooking togther

Cooking alone can generally be a drag for people who don’t enjoy it but when if you choose a meal you both love then you’re sure to have a blast! Desserts are often a really good pick because it’s sweet and you get to mix up all that love in one big bowl of goodness. And the best part? you get to lick the sugar off each other’s fingers… don’t be shy!


2.  Sport it out!


Love and Basketball

Not everyone is super active but if you’re trying to get some workout in and get your partner fit, then this is perfect! You can also try out some one on one sport like tennis or take some queues from the classic Love and Basketball movie. After you sweat it out, you can shower together.


3. Home Spa



This activity is simpler than it sounds. Really, all you need are a few pretty scented candles and some essential oil. If you have some extra change to spare, then you can get some actual massage oil, put on some music and you’re good to go. P.S… bonus points for a face mask!



4. Poolside Hangout


It's a date ;)

The first thing you need to do is find a nice spot that’s not too crowded, start early as soon as the sun comes out  and try to avoid weekends as most pools tend to be crowded and full of kids or you can try night time, it’s more romantic and usually quieter but it’s also hard to find pools that  are opened late. This activity is perfect to get your pre for play games on when you’re both looking great in your swimwear.



5. Karaoke


Activities with couples are fun but why not invite other couples and make it a group thing?  All you need is a screen, preferably a laptop where you can read the lyrics or everyone can use their phones. Pull up youtube, pour a few glasses of wine and have a great time singing to some oldies. To cut off costs encourage each couple to bring a bottle of wine and bag of chips, pringles or popcorn.

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