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Watch: Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Sex Scenes In Movies

Jennifer Lopez may be one of the biggest stars in the world but when it comes to it, she is still Jenny from the block.

The actress who is also a singer and dancer has been able build a successful career for herself is known for her sexual appeal which she has never shied away from.


In a new film, “Second Act”, the multiple award-winning actress has a hot shower scene with Milo Ventimiglia and she has opened up about how her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez feels about her steamy on-screen moments.

In a chat with Andy Cohen during a Sirius XM radio interview yesterday, December 12, Lopez who gets wet with Ventimiglia, who plays her boyfriend in the film talked about their steamy sex scenes. Cohen asked,

“Thankfully super early in the film we get a shower scen what did A-Rod say about seeing you and Milo up there?”

To this, Lopez responds,

You know he didn’t say anything. He loved the movie though,” she thoughtfully replied and added, “He didn’t say anything. He didn’t go there. He was like ‘okay this is part of…this is what we’re doing.”

On whether her relationship with Rodriguez has made her think of taking certain roles for next year films which she has in the pipelines, she said,

“Of course I think about it and I always do what’s appropriate and professional. I’ve been doing this a long time. But yeah, I wouldn’t take anything that would make me feel super uncomfortable in my real life.”

Jennifer continued,

“If I take it on, I’m going to do it and do it in a way that if he saw it — or anybody saw it who knew me — I would never feel like ‘god I wish I didn’t do that,”

Cohen then asked her if there would be a conversation where she came home from a day of shooting and say to Rodriguez,

“Oh hey by the way I was making out with George Clooney today for two hours.”

Jen responded,

“No, you don’t do that. You don’t do that because what’s the use? They might cut it out of the movie,” she said with a hearty laugh. “Why make trouble? We cross that bridge when we come to it.”

She also disclosed that she gave Rodriguez fair warning that he would be seeing her make out with Milo on screen.

“I did say to him, just so you know, there’s kissing scenes with me and Milo and he was like ‘yo it’s ok baby,’”she added.

Although they have been together for two years, Rodriguez who is a former New York Yankee hasn’t seen his lady in a current film on the big screen having a steamy sex scene with another man.

Watch the interview below:

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