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Myths About Sex

While finding out information on sex is fairly easy these days, there is a lot of confusion revolving around the subject matter. Information from social media, friends, movies and all sorts pass on wrong ideas about sex, which are recognised as the norm. We’ve put together a list of false facts about sex, which should clear the confusion on matters of sex and sexuality.

Sex is painful
Sex might feel new and uncomfortable at first but it should also feel good, even if you are having sex for the first time. Feeling safe and comfortable is what’s important. There are a few reasons why sex might be painful; for example, if someone is nervous or tense, their muscles will contract and this may cause distress. It’s important to be aware of your partner’s feelings during the process as you may need to slow down, use a lubricant or stop until you are feeling ready and comfortable.

The bigger the better
This universally accepted belief is false. There’s no scientifically proven theory, which supports the idea of a bigger penis is better than a smaller one as they come in all shapes and sizes. What really makes sex better is compatibility with your partner and open communication about what feels good and what doesnt.

You cant get pregnant if…
You have your period, it;s your first time, you pull out or you are in certain positions. Pregnancy happens when a sperm contacts and fertilises an egg. There’s one simple rule when it comes to getting pregnant. If there;s no contraceptive involved, then there’s always a high chance of getting pregnant. Essentially, the best way to prevent pregnancy is by using condoms and birth control.

Pleasure versus condoms
There;s a common belief that condoms take away the feeling and pleasure during sex, which is very untrue. There;s a condom for everyone out there as they come in different colours, shapes, and sizes. It is important to find the right fit; you may need to try more than one brand to find what works for you. Besides abstinence, condoms are still the best way to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

Sex is only good if you have an orgasm
Sex should be a pleasurable experience with or without an orgasm. The truth is orgasms will be different for everyone. Some people never reach orgasm, while others might have multiple orgasms. Having sex shouldn’t be primarily aimed at getting an orgasm; you should be able to enjoy the whole experience with or without the heightened finish.

Vaginas are tight or loose depending on the amount of sex a person has had
The idea of women having loose vaginas because they have had too much sex is purely false. The vaginas tightly folded muscle tissue is very elastic; therefore, it can easily contract and expand during and after sex. Intercourse does not permanently expand the vagina. When a person is aroused, the walls of the vagina soften and lengthen, making insertion easier. If they are nervous,the walls of the vagina will naturally contract, making insertion difficult.

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