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Smart Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse

Flirting, is playfully communicating sexual interest and attraction to someone. Question is, when last did you flirt with your spouse? Good question! A lot of us are so not thinking in that direction. In fact most folks will tell you this is petty game, i don’t have time for such! Let me shock you a little, the pettier you are with romance in your relationship, the livelier it becomes. Flirting with our spouses can reap lots of benefits. Flirting can communicate that we still find our spouse attractive and all. It can create more intimacy with your spouse. Flirting in front of our kids, even though they may react with something like “That’s gross,” will reinforce a sense of love and stability at home as they see their parents showing a healthy desire to be with eachSmart Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse! other!

Why not follow me, let’s get flirty already!

Smart, Playful, fun, and creative ways to flirt with your spouse:

Prolonged-Off-to-Work Kiss: Spend a little extra time kissing him goodbye before he leaves for work. When your kiss is longer than usual, you are definitely sending a message to his brains! Don’t be surprised when he comes home and tell you he couldn’t stop thinking about you!

The Dramatic Message: Leave a brief love note with a lipstick effect kiss (to make it more dramatic) on the car seat, stirring or mirror for him to find in the morning. Make sure you write on a sticky note so that you that it is sticky it and easier to locate.

Smart Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse!

Cook His Favourite & Serve Him in a Surprising Way: If you don’t normally cook, make him his favourite meal, ensure you Smart Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse!buy candlelight for dinner…light up the room, and invite him over-just the two of you.  For some spouses, it’s the simple acts of service that lets them know you love them.

Undress Him with Your Eyes: Next time he enters the room, undress him with your eyes (i.e., slowly look up and down his body). Smile at him when he notices what you’re doing and make some flirty gestures, either with your eyes, mouth or tongue; whichever works for you!

Send Him a Lunch Note in His food pack: Maybe you haven’t tried this before, well, why not do it? If you are busy that you can cook his lunch, make a special order from one the nicest place you two love lunching and when food is ready, sneak a love note into it as you deliver it to him. Ensure you keep it where it can be found, do that so well that you don’t have to start calling him to ask if he did see a piece of note somewhere? (Lol), for the fun of it, let him be the one calling you instead!

Smart Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse!

Leave a Note as You Set Out for Your Trip: It could be under her pillow or on the bathroom mirror, just leave a note before you go on a trip.  It could read; “I can’t wait to be back to see you honey” Something romantic or appreciative, etc.

Text Her First and Last Thing Every day: Well, it doesn’t have to be every day, but it is good to make a decision when you want to revive and sustain romance in your lives. So when you get up and when you go to bed to let her know she’s the first person on your mind and she’s your last thought of the day. You could text words like; “I love you”, “I am the luckiest guy to have you”, “you are awesome! Etc. Even though she is right next to you in bed; that makes it even more interesting-watch out for how this makes her feel towards you afterwards.

Turn on Your Favourite Song: Turn on your favourite song on your smart phone and dance in the kitchen with him when he least expects it. Wag your bum before him and him an excuse me dance signal with your finger as invitation to dance with you.

Ask Her for A Date: Get dressed up, go out, knock on the door, and ask her out for a date. The kids will get a kick out of this one!

Hold Hands While You Walk: While you walk through the grocery store or mall, cling your hands into each others and leave it there.Smart Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse

Show Some Skin: Next time you’re alone together at home, show some skin. Wear a short skirt or don’t button your shirt up all the way.

 Give a Chill-Water-Kiss: When he is reading in the study, or just alone; get naughty by heading straight to the refrigerator, sip some chilled water and head straight for a chilly kiss. He will marvel at your level of mischievousness.

Post a Sincere, Unexpected Comment of Praise for Him on Facebook or Twitter: This has to have some substance in it.  Don’t overdo, but let the whole world know why he means so much to you!

Find what works for you and do them. It is good to flirt with your better half, after all, they all you’ve got. And if your kids act grossed out, let it not bother you, you’re not only showing them you are into their mom, Dad, but you’re also setting their expectations for how to be a healthy, flirtatious spouse someday.
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