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Three Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Many relationships manage to last for long periods of time, however, once the passion is dead it can be very difficult to get it back. We have put together three tips and if followed religiously you are guaranteed to get that passion back.

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Schedule some alone time

After being in a relationship for many years, it is common for couples to slip into a funk as far as romance is concerned. You can’t be romantic if you can’t be alone. To get your passion back, try scheduling time alone each week. This might not  guarantee the passion will return to your relationship, but it will give you the time to focus on each other and be more intimate.
Get your sexy back
Getting your sexy back may be vital to putting the passion back in your relationship. This is because, after being in a relationship for a while, we too comfortable and stop making the effort to impress, because we have already found who we are looking for. However, by losing interest in the need to attract new potential partners we turn off our own partners.
Try getting a new haircut, spicing up your wardrobe, buying new accessories etc. You will get more attention , and also ignite the fire in your partner by reminding them of the reasons they were attracted to you, to begin with.

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Change of scenery 
Sometimes life gets boring. After being with the same person, in the same house, wearing the same clothes, and watching the same things for so long basically following the same routine. Sometimes you need to switch things up. You try renting a hotel room, a weekend getaway or getting a vacation home.

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