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Making A Case For Social Media Day

Every 30th of June, the world celebrates social media day. Social media has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. With some battling additions to the social media, it has become the only friend of many in a lonely world.

Its advantages are mind-boggling:

  • A simple popular post can make you known all around the world.
  • Social media easily encourages freedom of expression
  • You literally live in a virtual community.
  • Get first-hand information sometimes from the presidents of nations
  • Thinking of making cool cash? Think social media influencer

Despite its many pros, cyber-bullying has become a constant practice as well as the spread of hate speech.

Unlike when the broadcast and print media tried to conduct investigative journalism, the credibility of a source is more than ever, brought to question: How can one person in his bedroom exercise so much power that a single post can become the topic spoken in bars and homes across different continents.

While the likes of Uganda placing a tax on social media to “increase revenue”, there is no doubt that this will hamper the growth of information technology in a world where information has become a need. Rather than tax, there should be an awareness that there is still a lot of potentials to be discovered from using this form of media and not exploiting this will only return them to the modern stone age.

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