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Michel Casavecchia Speaks On The Complexities And Inspiration Behind D’usse

A short while ago, D’usse Cognac hosted an exclusive event which introduced tastemakers in Lagos to its bold and expressive cognac, DUSSE XO.
D’usse cellar master, Michel Casavecchia spoke to The Guardian Life in an exclusive interview to give an insight into the brand’s iconic Cross of Lorraine symbol, its complexities and more.


What makes the D’usse cognac exceptional from other cognacs?

D’Ussé has a lot of complexity, it is a very aromatic cognac and the humid and dry conditions of the aging process makes it exceptional. It can be enjoyed alone and in a cocktail as it is easy to mix.

What was the inspiration behind the Cross of Lorraine symbol on the bottle of D’usse cognac?

The inspiration behind the cross was courage, perseverance, and honour. I also come from the region of Lorraine.

How challenging was it to make the first ever D’usse cognac? How many tries did it take to come up with the perfect cognac that could easily be mixed yet still stand alone as a neat cocktail?

The main challenge was to create a true cognac, something you can really enjoy and take pleasure of drinking by itself and still be super mixable in cocktails. Cognac D’usse is made with the mentality for the 2-day drinker.

What significance does the Château de Cognac have on the production of D’usse?

We could not make Congnac D’usse without the castle, for the reason of the proximity it has with the Sharon cleaver which is basically just a few yards away. The three meter walls imprison the humidity, the cellar has a humidity of about 90% which is very specific to Château de Cognac and on the other side of the Château you have the dry cellar. So both of those conditions makes the unique taste and flavor profile of Cognac D’ussé.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced during production of a D’usse cognac?

Our very first challenge was to create this product that will be enjoyable on its own or in a cocktail. My everyday challenge is to keep on creating the same flavor profile because it’s all about blending the different spirits from every year. Year after year its taking different spirits, aged spirits, blend them and keep on providing the same flavor profile. Blending is an art and it is what I love doing.

Aside from drinking D’ussé neat, what is your preferred way to enjoy D’ussé?

Except from drinking D’ussé neat, I like it in a cocktail that’s the reason why I created this profile. I’m happy to work alongside Sullivan Doh, the Global brand Ambassador because every day I discover different way of drinking cognac in cocktails because of the mix ability. My two favourite cocktails of all time are the Sidecar and Vieux Carré, more than 100 years classic Cognac cocktails.

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