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On Becoming “The Meister”

By Shola-Adido Oladotun
02 October 2022   |   6:10 am
If you are looking for a sign to live your life unapologetically and chase those dreams, then Jägermeister is what you need. The year was 1878 when the world was introduced to a unique liqueur from Germany called Jägermeister. Several decades later, the brand is still strong, and widely popular for its unchanging recipe. Beyond…

If you are looking for a sign to live your life unapologetically and chase those dreams, then Jägermeister is what you need.

The year was 1878 when the world was introduced to a unique liqueur from Germany called Jägermeister. Several decades later, the brand is still strong, and widely popular for its unchanging recipe. Beyond its impeccable taste, the Jägermeister is also known for encouraging people to be daring, championing progressive conversations, and breaking the norms.

With these goals in mind, they set out to find leaders who would lead a group of people referred to as “The Meisters.” This search led them to Nigeria, where they found not one but thirteen talented individuals from different parts of the creative industry to spearhead a global revolution tagged “The Meister expression.”

 In an exclusive interview with Guardian Life, these individuals whom we unofficially refer to as the “Non-conformable Thirteen” discuss what it takes to be a Meister and the relevance of a brand like Jägermeister in Nigeria.

Fireboy DML

Is it just us, or is there something about Fireboy’s songs that gives a sudden rush of energy and passion when listening to them? No wonder he was selected to be part of the Meister expression.

While Fireboy’s unique sound earned him a top spot on music charts, his determination to be a perfectionist is what keeps him there. This is a value he shares with Jägermeister as both he and the brand are not only passionate about mastering their craft but being the best at it.

 When asked to describe Jägermeister in one word, Fireboy was quick to say the word “bold,” citing how the brand advocates for people to stand out, and be proud of themselves.

Olivet Chukwuebuka Odigwe

What happens when the world of Fashion meets Liqueur? Well, stay updated on Jägermeister’s social media handles to find out. But till then, one of Nigeria’s leading fashion designers is ready to spill a tiny drop of the tea.

 According to Olivet, “Jägermeister is advocating for bolder, daring, and expressive outfits that are unapologetic and tells a story to be yourself and original.”

This originality is evident in Jägermeister’s carefully designed and unique hard bottle that earns a score of 10/10 from Olivet, based on its attractiveness and functionality.

Jagermeister Group | Photo Ogeche Agba of Ogeche Photography

Adebayo Oke-Lawal

One of the messages promoted by Jägermeister is “not playing by the rules,” a phrase that isn’t strange to Adebayo, popularly known as the “orange nerd,” the creative director of Orange Culture. 

With his gender deviant outfits, Adebayo states that being part of the Jägermeister family is such a huge deal to him because, “it feels like a true representation of nonconformity—being that every Meister brings something unique, individualistic, and powerful to the table.”

He also values how the Meister expression revolution has made a place for a variety of stories to be expressed, which motivates a new wave of creatively driven entrepreneurs.

Small Doctor

In a generation where the mantra “Soro Soke” is heavily echoed, Small Doctor states that there is a need to have a strong source where people get to draw inspiration for their creativity, actions, and thoughts. This is where Jägermeister comes in because, beyond being a liqueur, it also creates a community that supports one another and thrives to make an impact in society. 

To help us properly understand what Jägermeister stands for, Small Doctor uses a few impromptu lyrical lines, “As we Dey sip am (Jägermeister) omo better e go dey pain dem, wetin dey pain dem na because we no dey send dem.”

 White Money

White money | Ogeche Agba of Ogeche Photography

Before he became the favourite ex-Big Brother housemate and winner we all love, Whitemoney had to struggle to make his dreams come true. When we asked if things would have been different with a brand like Jägermeister there to guide him, Whitemoney was quick to give a positive reply.

 “With Jägermeister, my story would have read and felt different, as I wouldn’t have let hurdles deter my journey or break me. I would have lived and experienced all without conformity.”

 Whitemoney proves he is worthy of being a meister as he embodies originality, expression, and the ability to not be defined by society’s expectations.

Denrele Edun

 It is pretty safe to conclude that Jägermeister X Denrele Edun is a collaboration the world desperately needs.

 In the words of the eccentric host, “The dynamic duo of Denrele X Jägermeister? We preach one thing; don’t stay seated in the back row of your show. Stand up and move to the stage! Jägermeister creates awareness when the brand storms a place; awareness with purpose!“

So, you guys better watch out because something crazy (in a good way) is coming your way soon.

Speaking on how Jägermeister can help people leave a mark in the Nigerian pop culture space, Denrele said, “As a brand, Jägermeister strengthens people with the conviction that they are worth knowing, allowing them to present themselves well. This translates into pursuing a dream fuelled by both a purpose and a strong voice.”

Stephanie Weaver

The enchanting world of art is not left out as Jägermeister enlists the voice of a talented female artist, Stephanie Weaver, whose artworks reflect the term “positive disruption.”

Discussing her expectations for the brand, she said, “The Jägermeister brand is to create a community for creatives who are fighting to think outside the box without the fear of judgement. As the brand is made of fresh herbs and healthy ingredients, I expect that its organic growth can teach the old and the young that good things take time. You don’t have to be accepted at first, but if you stay true to yourself, the right people will come your way.”

Melanie Weaver

Another artist on the Meister’s expression list is Melanie Weaver, who sees being a Meister as “living free and owning your craft completely. It’s also about not feeling confined or put in a box in your craft. It’s very liberating.”

In case you have been wondering what occasion is best suited for you to open a bottle of Jägermeister. Melanie tells us to think of it as a fun buddy, especially since every moment is the best time to bask in the magical taste of 56 herbs mixed. It also helps in allowing your creativity to flow and is a great conversation companion whenever you are with friends.

jagermeister Group | Photo Ogeche Agba of Ogeche Photography

Genevieve Weaver

For a few decades, it’s been established that the brand Jägermeister is synonymous with sparking creative conversations. This is a notion Genevieve Weaver, an artist, agrees to, as she cites one of the factors that drew her to the brand as the opportunity to be “in a community that allows you to fully express yourself in a non-restrictive way. It’s about being able to be a part of something bigger than yourself that represents not caring about what other people think and living life loudly and proudly.”

Having a what-if moment, Genevieve assumes the role of an art critic and offers her candid opinion on the Jägermeister as if it were an artwork. “I would describe it as a very daring piece, as an eye-catching work that was made to represent being different and not conforming to any stereotypical rules. It would be a fiercely beautiful painting, and it would be big and bold to stand out. “

 Babalola Oluwafemi

The words “rising above conventions” mean different things to different people, but for Babalola, with being a Meister, he sees it as being different and unfazed by what is popular or being globally accepted. Citing himself as an example, he talks about how being an artist has allowed him to fuse different forms of artistic expression to create an “Artmazing” style.

 Babalola sees being part of the Meister expression as an opportunity to not only grow as an artist but showcase the amazing side of Jägermeister to his friends and the world.

 Olushola Ojoma

One of the golden rules of becoming a Meister is never to give up, a rule Olushola deeply understands.

“I never gave up on my dreams because it’s the only thing I live for. As the saying goes, ‘the lines on the palm will never deceive.’ I found my path and stuck by it, hence why being a Meister at what I do is not by choice but an obligation. “

 In response to what makes the Jägermeister brand stand out from other brands, he pointed out that there is a certain premium quality attached to the brand and its distinct taste are what makes it number one.

Jagermeister Group | photo Ogeche Agba of Ogeche Photography

Commissioner DJ Wysei

In an industry dominated by men, female DJ Wysei provides insights into how she was able to adhere to the Meister’s primary code, which is to be bold in everything you do.

 “There were limitations placed on me both professionally and concerning my gender, but looking back, it helped shape me for the better and provided me with the strength and zeal to do more and do better. It made me bold because I knew I wasn’t going to live by their expectations. So I have never stopped practising to date. Learning is nonstop for me.”

 When describing the ways Jägermeister changes the narrative of aspiration, she says Jägermeister isn’t just about telling people to chase their dreams; it gives them hope. It’s simply saying your skills and opinions are valid, so you are allowed to aspire for BIGGER things.

 Victor Emenike Ugochukwu

When others choose to zig, Victor, a tattoo artist, chooses…scratch that; loves to zag. Taking the concept of being a Meister to a whole new level, he reveals how he got the Jägermeister logo permanently inked on his body after being selected as an ambassador.

He also gives us a Meister 101 lesson, telling us what it takes to be a true Meister. “One must possess an unwavering passion for the brand, and a strong charisma that drives and influences whoever comes in contact with them irrespective of his/her social strata and calibre.”

 Do you have what it takes?

 Although there are different interpretations of what being a Meister is all about, a common definition a Meister is someone who stays true to their identity, doesn’t conform to conventions, and will stop at nothing until they perfect their craft.

Join the Meister tribe today! All you need to get started is an ice-cold shot of your favourite premium liqueur, Jägermeister.