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People Speak On Sending Nudes In Relationships

This generation is probably the most sexually adventurous generation of all time and with the help of gadgets and social media, people can explore their sexuality in various ways.

Sending and receiving nudes is a very rampant occurrence among men and women of all ages, so much so that on September 11, 2011 popular messaging app Snapchat was created but then it was called “Picaboo” and was originally marketed as an app to safely send nude photos.

To an extent, it has become a part and parcel of the average relationship today because the term “Send Nudes” is as common as anything in conversations between lovers and even friends today.

We asked twelve random adults about their views on the matter and they had the following to say (M represents male and F represents Female);

M – He was okay with it and admitted to sending and receiving nudes regularly from different lovers.

F – She was okay with the idea but personally doesn’t engage in it because she feels the best way to handle sexual urge is to simply have sex as opposed to going back and forth with nudes.

M – He believes that it’s only acceptable between married couples but feels that if you must send, you should at least exclude your face to protect yourself.

M – He was strongly against the idea and felt that in a situation where the phone is stolen, pictures and videos are at the thieves disposal.

M – He felt that as long as both parties have an understanding and don’t show their faces it is okay.

F – She was okay with the idea and admitted to often sending nudes to her boyfriend whenever she felt like.

M – He admitted that he and his girlfriend who are in a long distance relationship often send nudes to keep things exciting and also so that the relationship doesn’t lose its sex factor and get boring.

F – She stated that she was okay with it in the past but with the recent cases of leaks by disgruntled lovers, she no longer sends nudes.

M – He was against the idea for “security reasons” stating that he has political ambitions and he wouldn’t want anything that could tarnish his image in the future.

F – She admitted that she was once blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend who threatened to “leak her nudes” unless she stays in what she described as an abusive relationship so the idea of nudes is totally cancelled in her head.

M – He was indifferent about the idea and claims he personally wouldn’t send anyone his nudes because he doesn’t get the appeal.

F – She admitted that before she got married, she was sexually adventurous but now she is no longer open to it because she feels there is no need anymore.

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