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Quiz: Being Friends With The Ex

Friendships with ex’s is one of the most complicated situations young people deal with these days. Some people say they can never be friends with an ex while others feel like the end of a relationship doesn’t always mean a total lack of communication.


Whatever your stand might be, here are some questions that might make things a bit clearer for you.

1. Which one of these statements describes how you feel about your ex?

A. You’re okay hearing about their new love interest and can set them up with one of your friends.

B. You get an occasional wave of regret about the breakup, but after seeing him/her, it’s clear why it didn’t work

C. The sex was great, but your feelings don’t run deep

D. Just the thought of them with someone else can makes you emotional.

2. Now that you have broken up…

A. You can talk about anything with them.

B. They still have that sex appeal but, you don’t want to hangout or anything

C. You keep in touch sparingly

D. You lie to your friends about seeing or even thinking him/her because you know they won’t approve. But you can’t help thinking about them.


3. You see your ex with some of your mutual friends…

A. You have a conversation about old times

B. You join them with a few of your friends and to a movie

C. You met up later for quickie then go on your way.

D. You are glad to see them and hope maybe you might have another chance


4. Your ex introduces you to their new romantic interest…You…

A. Tell him how happy you are for them

B. Even though your casual meetings will end, you are happy they have moved on

C. Call them later to get the details

D. You feel a little jealous that things did not work out between you and them



Mostly A: You have had time to process the breakup and you are healthy enough to maintain a friendship with the person.

Mostly B: You can be friends with the person but you are not really interested in it and you know it won’t affect you either way.

Mostly C: You are still attracted to the person physically and that’s probably the only thing keeping you around. If the person wants to move on, you should probably back off and let the person find happiness somewhere else.

Mostly D: You are clearly not over this person and you need to give yourself time apart to heal. It’s best to keep contact to a minimum.

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