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Recreating Beyonce’s Iconic Soft Glam Look

By Tariemi Oreoritse
03 August 2020   |   1:15 pm
With the launch of the "Black is King" film, Beyonce has once again come back into the eye of the public. With the stunning makeup looks, outfits and visuals she presented in the "Black is King" visuals; it is only fair that we recognise our favourite Beyonce look of 2020. Known for her effortless soft…

With the launch of the “Black is King” film, Beyonce has once again come back into the eye of the public. With the stunning makeup looks, outfits and visuals she presented in the “Black is King” visuals; it is only fair that we recognise our favourite Beyonce look of 2020.

Known for her effortless soft glam looks, the iconic Queen Bee makeup look featured in several scenes in the Black is King film. The soft glam look is a personal favourite of many people because it creates an illusion of a natural luminous skin with no makeup at all. Here are 6 steps to recreating Beyonce’s iconic soft glam look:

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Skin work

Beyonce’s iconic soft glam makeup look always features a dewy, glowing translucent skin work and the trick to achieving this is to create a soft natural glow. To achieve this soft luminous glow, your skin must be properly prepped before you begin.
So, start with a vitamin-enriched face base and apply it all over your face for the illuminating finish you hope to achieve. You can also use a hydrating serum, softening moisturiser or silky primer to create the luminous base your face needs for this natural look.

Choose a lightweight, full-coverage foundation for the flawless looking skin you hope to achieve. Start by warming the product on the back of your hand before buffing it into the skin with a beauty blender or foundation brush. Note that with the Beyonce soft glam, less is more.
Finish up your skin work with a creamy concealer, one that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Lightly apply it to the under eye and any other blemish around the face, to add a more glass effect to your already created base.

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In this natural glam makeup look, Beyonce’s brows are as natural as possible, so this is not the time to go all out with the usual Owambe eyebrows. Instead, try to draw your brows as natural as possible using soft strokes. Opt to draw your brows with a slight curve at the highest level instead of drawing them at sharp angles.
Use a brow pencil or powder to draw your brows going in lightly from the beginning to the halfway mark then press down a little to solidify the shape towards the end. Lightly blend out the excess product at the start of the brows, brushing through for a more natural finish.


To recreate the iconic soft glam look, note that your eye makeup also needs to be soft and glam to push through the delicate nature of the look. This is why your eyeshadow must be just a hint darker than the tone of your eyelid.
Forget about cut creases when creating this look. Instead, choose neutral colours for your eye colour and lightly sweep out across your eye, making sure to blend it out thoroughly. Bring the colour down across your bottom eyeliner then go in with a slightly lighter shade to buff out the inner corner of your eyes allowing the colours blend.
To warm up your eyes, you can also use a brown or taupe shade eye pencil to fill your bottom lash line and apply mascara to coat your eyelashes to enhance them lightly.


Because this is a soft glam look, you need a soft glam contour to complete the look. It is important that your foundation and contouring transition slightly without it being noticed at all to recreate the Queen Bee’s soft glam look.
Use a contour shade, two shades darker than your skin tone and apply while smiling to allow you to place the product under your cheeks and blend upwards. Finish up by thoroughly blending until your face contour looks just as seamless as your foundation.

Beyonce in Black Is King Visuals


Beyonce leaves no stone unturned in her highlight for these looks, which is why you mustn’t. Remember the saying “blind your haters with your highlight,” this is the time to go all in.
While going all-in be careful also not to overdo it, focus on highlighting your cheekbones and nose to add a dewy finish to your look.


Another important part of the Beyonce dewy makeup look is that the lips are also a focus. Just like with the Queen Bee, you should opt for shades of nude or natural pink tone to match the colour of your lips. This is the time to leave your matte lipsticks in your makeup bag.
Instead, use a creamy lip crayon and apply some lip gloss over it for the blurry, glossy lip look.

Even though you don’t wake up flawless, no one has to know, and with this Beyonce 2020 soft glam look, you stay looking flawless all day. Make sure to use your products in minute portions not to throw the soft glam idea of the look off-balance.