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Relationship Intensities: A To-do List For Lovers

Beyonce and Jay-Z | Image: Cosmopolitan

A relationship between two lovers with distinct behavioural traits loses its appeal as it progresses. Sharing yourself with someone else for a long time can be a challenge. Our space gets invaded and you make decisions with your partner in consideration.

Every relationship needs tools to spice it up and intensify the inner workings every now and then. To stop it from crashing and burning below is a list of things to try:

A couple watching film together | Image: Black Cincinnati

Watch Films Privately
Private film screening with just two lovers in attendance has a romantic feel. It gives both the time to relax, comment and share their opinions about the film without noisy distractions from other persons in cinema settings. This helps to create a comfortable zone and more bond.

Couple cooking together | Image: Flipboard

Cook Meals Together
The African saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach also applies to a woman. Doing the cooking together makes it more heart-warming. It is interesting to share cooking recipes of various meals and going on the journey of bringing those delicious meals to life together. Nothing brings people of different backgrounds together like the magic of delicious meals.


Attend Events Together
It’s always a beautiful day when one gets to walk in the arms of your partner, looking all glam from head to toe, shining in a crowd of people. Attending events such as: musical shows, comedy shows, art exhibition, family functions, e. t. c together helps in creating colourful memories. More so, colourful memories keep you smiling and last forever.

Volunteer At Charitable Programs
Touching a life positively is a life-changing experience. Doing it together with your partner makes a long-standing difference. There are various charity organisations that you both can volunteer for once a month or whichever time is of no stress.

Give your lover random gifts | Image: The Knot

Buy Gifts Randomly And Attach Notes
Gifting a partner something pretty without any special date attached to it shows just how caring one is. When a note with heartfelt words comes with it, it makes the gift more appreciated. Written down words of love make even the most basic gift look breathtaking.

Wear Sexy Outfits
Sexy outfits intensifies sexual attraction between partners. Showing a little bit of skin to tease your partner, keeps your partner wanting more. A relationship is not balanced if your partner doesn’t find you attractive. Wear what suits your body, make your partner thirsty and make your relationship spicier.

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