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Reminiscing 90s Kids Christmas Traditions

Santa and a child | Photo The Voice of Cincinnati

We are already in the holiday season, and I really can’t help but think about all the Christmas traditions I had as a child. Now that I really think about it, Christmas as a child was filled with so much more fun and excitement. As children, all the financial responsibility of making Christmas exciting was solely on our parents and our only job was to enjoy it. I’m sure you would quickly agree with me that it is different now as adults. Oh, take me back! Anyway, this article is to quickly bring back your childhood memories by mentioning some childhood Christmas and holiday traditions most Nigerian 90s children experienced.

Christmas Clothes!

This was by far, many’s favourite Christmas tradition. The anticipation of getting a new outfit for Christmas was thrilling. I remember my mom would let me try on my new outfit to see if it fits, then hide it away till Christmas day. But the excitement would always make me sneak a peek at it at every given time! It was a tradition admiring your new outfit along with your friends on Christmas day and feeling oh so extra pretty in it. You didn’t have to think about the cost of your new Christmas outfit, you just had to wear it.

Visiting the neighbours’!

Do you remember the aluminium bowls your mom would put food in for you to take to the neighbours? That was an anticipated moment, especially as you would be expecting your neighbour to give you a cash token for bringing the food- those cash token would later fund your candy desires or the next tradition I would talk about. This was one time any Nigerian kid would gladly go on an errand without grumbling. With or without our parents sending us with food to the neighbours’ houses, we would also go in groups with our friends to different houses in the neighbourhood to wish a “Merry Christmas and a happy new year” hoping to get gifts afterwards. If there was a time to make money as a child, it was definitely Christmas!

Fire crackers | Photo Pinterest


Or should I say banger? It was always a norm to hear the sounds of knockouts around the neighbourhood. Knockouts (fire crackers) were a way of ushering us into the Christmas season and though adults used to warn us kids about their dangers; it mostly fell on deaf ears. Provision stores also really didn’t help the situation, as they would stock their stores with knockouts as the Christmas season approached. It was established that knockouts were a part of the festivities.

Game Time

What was a Christmas holiday without a community football match, a street party or visiting going to see “Father Christmas” to take photos and your special gift. Around this time, television stations have started to advertise their Christmas day event, with children hoping to wear their finest clothes to this event and mentally practicing their dance moves to win at the organised competitions.

I really do miss being a child doing and experiencing these traditions. It is the 21st century and many have quickly realised that Adulthood, as they say, is a scam! Let’s hear yours! What do you miss?

Persian Tumeric Rice Salad | Photo The Wholefood Collective

Christmas Food!

What was Christmas without rice and chicken, pounded yam, goat meat, palm wine, drinks and chin chin? Even if those were your regular meal, the one ate on Christmas day was special and tasted better. Christmas was a time you would stuff yourself full with all sorts, like there is no tomorrow. There were so many varieties to choose from, but why choose when you can eat a little (or not) of everything? The Christmas food tradition is still very much existent!

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