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7 Tips For Bonding In Relationships

Relationship Couple

Relationships can be enjoyable and they can be frustrating, I agree with you, it is not easy trying to blend with the lifestyle of another adult.

What if he snores while sleeping, what if she picks her nose for fun, what if they are dirty or untidy, what if they just choose to be annoying. Well, that is why it is a relationship. It is an avenue to get to know each other.

There are different ways to bond, no matter how different they are from us, below are some tips:

Build trust in each other

One important way to bond in relationships is to build trust in each other and the relationship as well. Trust me, there is no way a relationship can work if you do not have any trust in each other or the relationship, this means the relationship has failed before you even started.

So, before venturing in that relationship, ask yourself, are you ready to put your trust in him/her.


Be sensitive

It is a relationship, it is no longer about you, it is also about them, therefore, you need to be sensitive to their needs. Take note of the things they always complain about and work on them. Be emotionally, psychologically and physically sensitive. Know when they are tired, when they are happy, when they are sad and walk through it all with them.


In relationships, never be too busy for them, always have time to discuss important things in your relationship. Discuss work, family, business, friends; just ensure you never lose what connects both of you and the only way not to lose this is by communication. If you are pushing your partners away, now is the time to spare them your time and walk life together.

Be teachable

No one knows it all, so when your partner corrects you, be ready to listen. You must not be too stiff and rigid to learning. We can never stop learning. In case you have been Mr/Miss right in your relationship, now is the time to reduce that ego and learn.

Know your toxic traits

No one is perfect, we all have our toxic traits, take time, discover yours and work on it. This way, you protect your partner from getting hurt and you become a better person.

Show appreciation

Learn to appreciate your partners for their strength and all they do often, for every little thing they do, say thank you. Do not be entitled, they are your partners, not your sole provider. Whenever they buy you things, help you solve problems, learn to show appreciation.

 Forgive and Apologise

I agree forgiveness might be difficult but we can never move ahead in our relationships if we do not learn to forgive others. Instead of keeping things in, once they apologise, try to forgive them.

Also, you must be willing to apologise when you are in the wrong, never hurt people without apologising to them. Once they explain you hurt them, apologise.

Are there other tips you would like to share? Drop them in the comment.


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