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Side Dish Of The Pandemic Lockdown

The new normal appears topsy turvy, as we brace ourselves to deal with the only news in town which is COVID-19; there are other things to consider regardless of the unprecedented nature of it.

It has shown that all we hold as important is as ordinary as every other thing considered insubstantial to the world.

There is indeed a couple of side dish tagged with the pandemic to note.
It is said that he who does not plan “ironically” plans to fail. So this simply elaborates and expands on the need to plan for a rainy day no matter how little.


This planning stems from the second point of the importance of savings. A lot has come to realize the importance of savings which could have been so surreal for many. Therefore the importance of cash as the saving grace in times like this has become even more apparent.

Third, self-reflection that has been ignored for years has become a thing to be relished for its self-awakening features, and this is happening for individuals and various sectors.

The need to stay connected to the family cannot be over flogged, we can throw in friends too, remember no man is an island.

Relax!!! Take a chill pill and relax from the world. It is definitely possible as we now know the world can come to a halt literally and not end.

The sixth thing to add is to appreciate each moment, seize the moment because you never know what happens next.

Another is that your rejected work of years back could just be what the world wants and needs now. Peter May’s “London Lockdown” speaks in the truth of this. Recognise that right now, the world is in dire need of visionaries.

Leverage on your skill and sell it virtually. Creativity and navigating in a stormy sea is the key here, as now you wonder where you stand this period in relation to work and income.

Put your skills to use by virtualizing your skills and abilities to aid in some sort of financial stability.

On the flip side, in dating, we now know that having a long-distance relationship is possible and probably not fun for all.

In the work terrain, COVID-19 has shown us that we do not have to seat to have unnecessary meetings which can just be done by sending a mail as required, saving workers from irrelevant bickering and backbiting. Hey!!! If you want a gathering why not consider using a conference meeting app like Zoom?

The hustle and bustle schedule of our initial life rendered us paying less attention to ourselves, now we have all the time we can imagine. Having only realised how catalytic the capitalist system is eating deep.

We now know we want a new job and a new start. It has sure become imperative to many in these times that they need a side job as it hits them that their present financial bedrock does not meet the cut.

The new normal, ushering in a new way of leaving has indeed pulled many countries into an age faster than they imagined as they try to catch up with the rest of the world. Many have since become more technologically savvy than ever and ready to storm the world when it awakes.

Furthermore, on lessons learnt, this is an age of enlightenment as it highlights our ignorance and flaws, providing a way to step up.

Working from home is not a farce, if not anything it is more time consuming as boundaries are lost.

Now we know the way we have been living is slowing killing us, the way we have been living is not life. This has made our priorities more succinct than ever.

One thing we should all remember is to make room for a better beginning after the pandemic comes to a halt and the world is back on its feet again.

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