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7 Simple Tricks To Make Your Perfume Scent Last Longer

Why spend so much money on your favourite perfume but less than an hour later, the scent is gone?

No, it doesn’t mean your perfume is cheap, it just means you may be applying it wrong. Knowing the tricks below to employ could help keep the scent for longer.


Apply after showering
The best time to apply perfume is when you are fresh out of the shower and your skin is dry. Perfumes won’t hold on a perspiring body.

Add to your clothes
Perfumes last longer on your clothes than they do when you apply to your body. For maximum impact all day, add a little of your scent to your clothes but keep in mind that depending on how strong the perfume is, it may be difficult to wash off.

Apply to your pulse points
When adding a spray, stick to pulse points like your wrists, neck, and behind your knees. They radiate a little more heat, and they are a nice spot to bounce around the smell a bit.

Applying on moisturised skin
If you must apply your perfume to your skin then you should apply to moisturised skin. To avoid combining smells, use an unscented lotion or moisturiser before applying your perfume so that your scent is the only one that gets attention.

Spray your hairbrush
Get a whiff with every hair flip by lightly spritzing your hairbrush with perfume before brushing your hair in the morning. Don’t apply the spray directly to your hair if the perfume is alcohol-based as you run the risk of drying your hair out.

Don’t forget to let your hair down
The hair holds a scent better than the skin does. Spritz your perfume onto the ends of your tresses because it is a waft nicer on the ends as the hair moves a little there.

Opt for a strong base note and layer scents strategically
Different scents have different lifespans so if you want a longer lasting scent, choose scents that have base notes like vanilla, musk, and wood. Citruses tend to fade the fastest because their molecules are light. You can switch things up by combining two fragrances like a light base scent with a strong one to extend the life of your scent.

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