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5 Minutes with Michael Opara

Living in the social world makes life pretty entertaining, but there are those who have found a way to make it profitable as well. One of such people is Michael Opara, the Editor and founder of – more popular his BBM Channel ‘What’s The Fuzz About’. Michael has set an honest tone for movie and music reviews and also brings humour to your day with his candid opinion.

Hi Michael, introduce yourself.

My name is Michael Opara but I am better known as Mr Fuzz.

There’s a market everywhere for about everything, how did you find your market?

Basically, the blogsphere’s conventional platform is overly saturated and thinking outside the box, I decided to use the blackberry channel.

What was the motivation behind starting your own BBM channel?

I chose the BBM channel because BBM has access to over 22 million users worldwide…. Basically an untapped market. Then again, a lot of people tend to casually but constantly go through their BBM feeds on a whim. So what better way to put yourself out there?


One might say your BBM Channel has gathered a unique kind of traffic, what inspires your posts?

90% of it solely based on my opinions on entertainment which is quite quirky, but is surprisingly informative and funny.

How would you say your channel has influenced its subscribers?

The core of the channel/blog is to give my perspective or views on music, movies or celeb stories. That said, this opens an avenue for the subscribers to know what they are getting before they decide to buy a music album or go the cinema to see a movie.

What is your hope for the future concerning recent events in the society, as your channel tends to address them in a humorous way.

To be honest, recent events in the country has everybody stressed. For one to weather the storm, i find it’s best is to inject a little bit of humor into troubling subjects. People should have a more relaxed demeanor as they try to sort things out.


With various social media platforms emerging, how do you intend keeping up?

As regards competition, the key to keeping up is sticking to your opinions and not deviating from your core because of pressure. I basically blog about how I feel and not what people yell for and I have a market for that.

What are your future plans for your brand?

A brand that people flock to just to know my thoughts on issues/subjects/music/movies regardless of the fact that they have theirs…. But they still have that itch to know what Mr Fuzz thinks

Any word of advice to similar creative brands?

Don’t aim solely at growing your base at the expense of your posts. Work on your creativity… that is what would set you apart.

Words you live by.

You must believe in yourself before others can believe in you.

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