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Surprising Benefits of Being A Late Sleeper

We often hear about the benefits of sleeping early and the wonders it does for your health, but no one talks about the unrecognized benefits of not sleeping early.

Even though it is important and advisable to sleep for 7-9 hours, there are also some shocking benefits of sleeping later.

Here are some of its listed benefits:

There is a tendency that you are smarter and a better creative

We are not saying that early birds are not bookworms, but substantial studies have shown that bookworms majorly come from the night. Also, we know that people love to work better at night because it encourages creativity. Most night owls are natural creatives and think up better ways to do something or create something.

Sleeping child. Photo: Pinterest

Less sleep equals more energy

It sounds contradictory and unbelievable but it is true. Unlike the early birds, these night crawlers enjoy what is termed as ‘night strength’, as they have, according to Dr. Olle Lagerquist, “increased motor cortex and spinal cord excitability in the evening.”

There is more time for you

Because night owls sleep less, they commit almost all their time to bookworms super productive as opposed to those that sleep for 9 hours.

You get to take highest risk and do the craziest things

Most often than not, crazy things happen in the night, be it bad or good. But guess who is making all that magic? Definitely not the ones who go to bed early.

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