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Switch Things Up This Quarantine

We have ample time on our hands, thanks to the Wuhan Virus. A lot of wise ones are springing up, saying this period is best for productivity and learning new things and taking up new courses and writing that book. What they are saying in summary is if you do not get through this with some form of acquired skill or accomplishment, you lacked major discipline.

Not many agree and it is understandable. Many just need this time to process all that is happening for a bit and also rest. It is a welcome relief from the “6 – 5/10” lives of jungle hustle and bustle that they had lived prior to this and they need to take it in and figure out what’s next.

Below are a few ways you can be productive.


Groom Your Brows

Let it grow out. Okay! You might be the person who has no arches or knows the proper cut. This is the time to groom and tame. As for the male counterparts, this is the time to groom your beards. Go on, let your brows and beards swim in moisture.

If it does not look better at the end of this season, then you can finally defend your stance of ‘it’s not me, blame it on the brows and beards.’ And that’s fine.

Teach Your Parents How To Take Better Pictures

A sad case, Imagine wanting to call your parent via WhatsApp and all you see are some nostrils and chin, how do you figure that??  Well, one thing parents sure love is to bond with their kids over technology. And yes, why else did you spend 4 years in the university if you can’t fix whatever issues their phones are having?! So, get your parents in on banging angles that will include all features from the crown of their heads to the chin, at least.

Skincare products

Skincare products. | Photo Getafix


Focus on your skin. Learn how to make products and scrubs organically. Get to know what works for your skin and what does not. Get on a programme, establish a routine and get familiar with products that’ll leave your skin healthy looking. Never a good time as the Quarantine Season.

Ingredients for Caribbean Jerk Chicken. | Photo LA Times Cooking


Did you know you could make a cake without flour? Without an oven? Did you? Head on over to YouTube and bring out your inner Chef. Well, not exactly, but, get your hands on a couple of things you could try at home with easy to find ingredients, most of which are already in your kitchen. Learn how to make cookies with oats, bananas and some chocolate, make “perfect fluffy scrambled eggs”, and yes, you have definitely been doing it wrong.  These aren’t gourmet and that only makes it more interesting to explore.


This is not an easy process but you have an advantage this time provides because you do not have to pretend to your co-workers or stifle a sob in public transport, generally get up in the morning when you’d rather do the opposite, have a routine when you’d rather switch things up.

Take care of yourself this season. Whatever you need to do, do it. Now you have a bare canvass, spray on it as you like. If you need your friends – call them up, if you need to binge – snuggle up and do so. And more importantly, if you want to cry, by all means, let it out.

It’s important to note that this period might not be good for a lot of people dealing with a whole lot of things mentallly. The routine was a good way to forget for some, now all they have is silence, they are forced to face reflective walls. Please, get help still and if you have a friend you know is in this category, even if it’s that “i’m fine” friend, check on them with their permission, of course.

A lot of people had a routine. Many were thrust into certain industries they find themselves in becasue there was no other favourable alternative at the time. Now is a good time to find out what you are good at. You could already be in love with your job, but you find that there are specialties you could definitely fancy and thrive in to boost your success in your chosen industry, why don’t you go for it?


Google. | Photo Lalo Hernandez from Unsplash

Learn something

Really, there is no way we would escape this but it does not have to be a course. Get on Youtube and learn how to edit better. Learn what it means to be politically aware and why there are three laws of gravity. Knowledge is power.


Now this could be considered cliche. But this time, it is not because you have a lot of time and no excuses, it’s because of your health. During this time, you will be spending more time seated or in bed. You need to get the blood pumping and your joints lubricated. As long as you try to eat healthy as well this period, along with the exercising, you are good to go.


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