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Talk To GL (#TTGL): Should A Woman Lend Her Partner Money?

Earlier this week, Twitter was a beehive of gossip and God help you if you’re ever a topic of discussion on Twitter. The social media app users had their pound of flesh on a Twitter big boy who went viral for being “scum” and was rumoured to have a way of making women fund his lifestyle.
GL has taken their time to ask a handful of people what they think about women lending money to their partners.

Mimi Nwakolo (Female)
Graduate of Economics

I see nothing wrong if my guy asks me to borrow him some money, I will give it to him if I have it and with no interest. If he wants to add, I can jokingly tell him to add to it if he wants to pay back, if he adds fine, if he doesn’t, it’s also not a problem. If he doesn’t pay back it is fine too because occasionally he gives me money when I ask him to without asking me to return it.

Innocent Uchenna (Male)
Digital Consultant

Well, there’s nothing wrong with people giving or borrowing money to each other. A man should be able to give if he has, and so should a woman. Ladies only make it a big deal when they are the ones giving which should not be. I don’t know about people “scum men” that take advantage of this, it’s only normal for the bad part of the story to spread, no one focuses on the good that’s never said. A lot of men have also given without ever receiving to people they never ended up with.


Dapo Aare (Male)

To me, money is a tool. When it comes to giving on a personal level there is a 90 per cent chance that they would not give it back; whether in cash or kind. Money exchanging hands is irrelevant.

Anumiri Chukwuma (Male)
Fine artist

In relationships anyone can borrow money from anyone, It’s OK… Knowing we are living in the modern and feminist society.

Funmi Akanbi (Female)
Music teacher

This is an interesting part of a relationship that doesn’t bother a lot of ladies that much. I don’t think a lady should make any financial investment in a relationship although that doesn’t mean you can’t buy him gifts when necessary but on no account should a lady lay the foundation of lending him money when you are not married to him. Even when married, a lady should limit the level of financial commitment in the marriage to avoid conflict of major decisions.

Toyin John (Female)

I can only borrow him if I’m certain he will return it. For example, if he is expecting money and I will be the one to collect it on his behalf or something of that nature, then sure I will borrow him the money.

Adeolu Soga (Male)
Sales rep

Well, in this age of equality it’s rampant (borrowing your significant other money). As long as the man is responsible and reliable. I do not think it’s a bad idea to get a raise from a supposed life partner.

Abiodun Tijani (Female)

I wouldn’t say I can’t do that I can do more than that. Honestly, before I do something of that nature. I will be sure of what length he can go to help me achieve my goals because he has to be aiming at something for him to ask you to lend him money. Also, when you try your best to help out and he turns out to be scum man that is left to him.

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