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The Bizarre Koala Challenge And All You Need To Know About It

Whether it’s the Kiki Challenge or the 10-Year Challenge or the Dele Alli Hand Challenge, it’s starting to feel as though one new trend comes up every other week.

The latest trend to hit Instagram is one that seems quite bizarre.


There are multiple reports that it originated on the beaches of Australia and called the ‘Koala Challenge’ – involving two people; one standing still and another who climbs around their body like a koala would in a tree. If either party falls down or the climber touches the ground, the challenge is lost.

The Koala Challenge is a simple concept but difficult to execute, as it is one of the most physically demanding. So both parties need to be pretty strong.

Most of the Koala Challenge videos are filmed on the beach. That way, you have a slightly softer surface to fall. And truly, be careful if you plan to attempt this particular challenge. You could end up injured, whether from a fall or seriously straining your back.

We just hope people around here don’t begin to do it though.

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