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The Concept Of Double Dating In Nigeria

Men and women of all ages these days have a tendency of having more than one partner in Nigeria. That’s why you would hear so many stories of married men approaching ladies and when asked if they are in a relationship, they would say things like “I’m married but I still want us to vibe”.

This type of behaviour is not only common with married couples but also dating couples. That is why it seems odd when you meet someone that doesn’t have a side piece as they are fondly called.

Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl

Some people shared their personal experiences and thoughts on the matter with us as follows;

Kayode Oluyemi

Mr Kayode firstly described juggling multiple women as stressful but kind of worth it. He stated that although he enjoys the thrill, he would rather have his main girlfriend and then enjoy sexual relations with other girls on the side but he further went on to insist that he won’t advise having sexual relations with anyone more than once to avoid getting attached especially if you’re in a “relationship”.


Chris Osuji

Chris who is a happily married man now recounted what life was like for him back in the day and he described a very active sex life with the absence of any form of commitment. He insisted that there was no need for any relationship for him because he was having sexual relations for the fun of it and he also told us that sometimes he would approach ladies just to test himself to see if he still had his skills.

Mary Kadiri

Miss Mary is a single career woman. She recounted her experience with an ex-boyfriend that had other ladies on the side and how they had to end things because she doesn’t subscribe to the idea of having relations with other people behind your partner.

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