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To The One That Holds My Heart

Nkasiobi Mbonu To Tochi Nwokeafor

On the cold floor of bliss,
The colours of my dreams
Glimmering in your eyes.
This could be a trace,
But deep in my whispers
Lies the words I wish to say,
‘I love you’
Lift my heart to Calvary
Let my redemption flow
from your touch.
I had prayed for a miracle
Before you found me.
My love, you are my beacon,
I just want to let you know.

Imisioluwa Ogunsunlade to Olubunmi Elizabeth Ibukun

Last night stung like the fangs of a frantic bee
whose venoms think I stole their honey.
Another dwindling dawn this morning did be,
some still darkness dispossessed the sun in sunny.

Up was the night and the day became sleep.
And in that daydream, thoughts did come in a vague flurry.
But one thing for sure my giddy eyes did see,
in that ruckus and in that feat of things gory:

bending over the canvas, a master stood.
His robe, regal, and his tools, pure metal.

His eyes pierced through the shadows of his dark hood
and his cauldron roiled with things that looked fetal.

Then, she conjured from the end of a theatrical tap.
Alas! The masters greatest deed was done.

The master’s apprentices fluxed into a clap.
So too did the other newly-forged:

they agreed that from these den of damsels, tis Honey the muse picks.
After all, a masterpiece should be a Masters piece.

Samuel Umoru

I was told to write a poem about my feelings
All I could think about was you
You’re not just my muse
You’re the totality of every emotion that I feel
Cloud nine or palpitations
All ends of the spectrum
I feel any form of emotion and I remember how much deeper it was when I felt it for you
Beneath the deepest recesses
There’s this fear so besetting
A pondering of some sorts
A dread of how it would feel like in my world
If I cease to be yours

Pamilerin Jacob To Chidinma Ihezue

It was like
every other night.
Your name snuck up on me,
& pinned me
to your scent.
I reached for your
hand in the sweltering
dark & there it was,
waiting for my clasp
the way pages await
eyes that will read them.
And my heart tight
as a wrestler’s
fist, softened.

Emmanuel Oloya

I never knew the depth and hold you had on me
I never knew I could be this forgiving and not wanting to let go
Until that day you called to let me know you are going your way
I felt immediately the emptiness of loneliness
And the deception in finding satisfaction through living by me

O how I realized your grip over me, stronger than the irresistible chill hands of death
I recall the ecclesiastical allusion of Love as strong as death
and longed for the perfect moment to unveil you as you are truly valued
You are a visible definition of true love and affection
Your smile and looks are a renewal of our love such that by day,
it waxes stronger

You are the epitome of beauty and a representation love virtue in character
I can say it was a humongous triumph to have found you
And now it is as new as ever!
Skilz Scollivan to Bassey Thelma
I love you with a love unyielding
It would not bend to being shunned
It would not fracture to heartbreak
As the sun stands firm in place
Ever burning and wandering in it’s bask
So is my love for you sweet one;
Firm, unyielding and ever-burning

Alma Flinch to Annie Alexa

The story that I love
Is that there aren’t words
Nor art sufficient enough
And when I set pen on paper
To scribble down my heart,
I realized the truth of it:
No words or art was right enough
To really portray your grace
When you smiled ever so shyly

Tochima to Ezeh Chinenye Gloria

You belong to me and I to you
My tail-fin,
Without you, I cannot swim
My heart has been split in two like an apple
By the mere thought of thinking of you
I melt like a snowflake when I’m around you
I smile, you smile
I cry you cry
Truly you are my everything
When God created man, you were first on the queue.
We are meant for each other,
One cannot do without the other
I cannot bear the thought of losing you
My reason for being would have no meaning
My world would end if you are not in

Daud Osumah

Like the bush fire effect during harmattan, your love swept freely through my heart, body and soul

A love my rock-solid heart couldn’t resist
You broke all of my defences
All of my resistance
You neutralized all of my obstinacies
You took my ego; feed me with it, making sure none was left to be eaten later!
This love turned out to be a soothing balm to a dying soul
Heartrobe, if you’re sand on my palm,
I’d protect you from slipping through my palm
even when the earth trembles
If you’re water and I’ve just a basket to “accommodate” you, I’d rip off my skin to wrap the basket and prevent you from dripping
If you’re a small stream that needs to transform into an ocean,
I’d bleed till the last drop of my blood to aid your transformation
Even if your love floats in the air, I’d defy gravity to remain afloat with you.

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