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Trendy Nail Colors for Detty December

Trendy Nail Colors for Detty December

December is already upon us and it’s coming with its goodies. Asides the merriment and festivity the last month of the year comes with it also comes with the cold dry winds of the harmattan period.

While getting your sweaters and lip balm ready for the harmattan period, you should also get your nail polish colours ready to match the season.


You obviously cannot go wrong with traditional holiday colours and these trendy nail colours would be a welcomed addition to your harmattan/ Christmas wardrobe.

Here are 7 trendy nail polish colours for this season:


By now, it should already be clear that you can never go wrong with white. Plain white nails are perfect for the harmattan season and an added advantage is that they can be easily paired with any outfit. What’s even better, they are a traditional holiday colour which makes them an even perfect fit.

White nails are easy to maintain and when chipped, they can be easily repaired. Spice up your Christmas white nails by adding some stones and gold flakes to create the perfect white Christmas nails.


Plum coloured nails are definitely coming back into trend as the harmattan winds blow in and you sure wouldn’t get enough of them.

Like other jewel tones that work great with the cold, plum gives your nails a deeper, luxurious makeover which would not draw too much attention to your hands. Plum coloured nails also go great with harmattan clothing so you’re covered either way.


Guaranteed to turn heads, red nails would not be going out of style for a long time to come. Red remains a typical holiday season colour. This is why you should consider red nails for the coming harmattan and festive season.

Red nail polish makes your hand look younger and youthful while still being striking and elegant. Opt for a shade of red that works great for your skin tone to get your nails Christmas ready.


Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning the beauty that is the colour black. For this season, black coloured nails would definitely be a hit. Black is a great colour option for your nails this harmattan season as it remains hip and high-fashion allowing you feel bold, confident and in control.

You can choose to go all the way in by choosing jet-black, a matte look or you can also opt to go glossy. Whatever shade of black you choose, your nails would be perfectly matched with any colours you choose to wear.

Rich Merlot

The colder it gets, the darker the mornings and evenings would be which is why many people turn to rich, warming colours. Merlots and burgundies have therefore become traditional colours for this time of the year.

These shades never get old, given your hands a warm, welcoming finish that December also comes with. The numerous shades available keeps these colours afresh because you can always switch it up.

Denim Blue

Denim overtime has made waves and this year is not left out. With the harmattan coming up, you no doubt would be dusting off your denim clothing to give you the warmth you need.

The impact of denim doesn’t end with clothing; it still runs into beauty,
Denim-hues nail polishes are a modern and neutral colour shade which goes with everything. It tones range from slate blues with grey undertones to even more vibrant indigos.


This is another harmattan/Christmas supreme colour. While being a deep colour, it is not as dark as black and it comes with rich caramel undertones. You can choose to opt for a more brick-coloured cinnamon shade or a softer one with ginger undertones depending on your taste.

With detty December comes the need for more slay. As the year runs to an end, the final month of the year ushers the cold and dryness of the Harmattan season combined with the festivities of Christmas.

For this period, days are longer and colder while the nights are shorter and also cold. Opt for rich, bright colour tones when choosing your nail polish colours this detty December.

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