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Valentine: How Much Does Your Love Cost?

Would you break up with your partner because you did not get what you wanted?

Would you respect your partner’s ideology on “Valentine” and take it like any other day?

No day influences the lifespan of a relationship like the 14th of February.

Valentine, to some people, is the special day dedicated to showing how much you love your partner and how much you are willing to spend. Not much attention is paid to its origin until the day is months gone. Celebrating your birthday the day before or days after really has nothing to do with your Valentine gifts. It doesn’t matter that your partner is broke, it’s a necessary “gifts day”.

Just like a woman’s wedding is important to her, her Valentine is also special. For ladies, it is weddings, Valentine, getting engaged on Valentine, more Valentine, and vacations in that order. It is the season when a lot of women’s hopes are unusually high – get their nails done, make their best hair-do – and wait patiently for their partner to propose in a romantic atmosphere.

To a Nigerian female who is in love with a “romantic”, scented candles, flowers and a quiet dinner is great until her friend puts up pictures of herself wearing designers and standing behind a new car with the hashtag, #HeSurprisedMeWithACar. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who are willing to celebrate in a the simple way.

Women aren’t the only one vying for gifts. Men, especially the millennial, are saying NO to the classic, handed down “singlet and boxers” gift idea. Although some argue that men look slay on the outside while their undergarments cry for mercy, men don’t want that anymore. As far as they are concerned, it is the equality age. Gifts must match gifts. Whatever is given must be pressed down, shaken together and running over.

The trick of breaking up before the valentine has little or no effect on partners as people have turned to side partners for succor.

Singles feel the brunt more; Friends talking nonstop about their relationships as if they hit a goldmine and the inevitable trendy colour “red” doesn’t help matters.

One begins to wonder, has the 21st century Valentine become a season of pressure, oppression or love?


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