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The Week

Crime doesn’t pay.  Dammy Krane was doing ‘Gbetiti’ (whatever that is) behind bars after being arrested for fraud, Bill Cosby saw his legacy in tatters as he went on trial for sexual assault and the Nigerian youth were in the dock for tattoos and sagging pants. These are the stories that made our week…


Cosby’s day of reckoning

Bill Cosby, all-American dad, philanthropist and comic genius went on trial this week for sexual assault. The disgraced married legend who has already admitted having sex with teenagers as late as 2000 and also having supplied women with quualudes – drugs popular in the 70s prior to sex, is on trial for sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. Testimony is expected from other women who accused him of similar.   It was a devastating moment for a generation who had grown up on the Cosby show and he was already being mourned online by fans who variously called this ‘his funeral’ and ‘the end’ in anticipation of details that would (guilty or not) put the final nails in the coffin of his reputation.

Fraud shame for Dammy Krane

He loves the high life – judging from his Instagram account but Dammy Krane is now enjoying the low life following his arrest for credit card fraud in the United States. The flossy singer, who shares his decadent lifestyle with his half a million followers and has made videos with Davido and Shatta Wale, was trying to book a trip on a private jet in Miami when he was arrested. He has since pleaded his innocence from jail where he is awaiting bond for release.

Crimes of fashion?

There is a current downward spiral in social morals apparently and the cause of it all – tattoos, dreadlocks, ‘hair-painting’ and sagging pants according to the Director General of the National Orientation Agency.  Never mind the missing billions or even missing President, crimes against fashion are among Nigeria’s biggest challenges, he suggested. It’s an (un)scientific theory of limitless possibility. One wonders then if double-breasted suits caused corruption or turbans  Boko Haram? Perhaps the Director should ask the award-winning activist and philanthropist, former First Lady of Ekiti State, if dreads are a sign of moral decay.  

Paris Climate Talks

America has withdrawn from the Paris agreement on climate amid shock and anger around the world. President Trump said it wasn’t in America’s interest and was condemned by world leaders. Trump pandered to climate change deniers before becoming President when he variously called it a hoax, a Chinese scam and refused to say he believes in man-made climate change. The treaty has been signed by almost every country on earth  – except Syria (which let’s face it has bigger problems right now – like war) and Nicaragua who actually opposed the deal because it didn’t go far enough!

London has fallen

Like a scene from the disaster movie London has fallen,  terrorists drove a van directly into tourists on London Bridge and then armed attackers leapt from the vehicle in fake suicide vests and began stabbing bystanders.  It was only 8 minutes before they were shot by security forces but in that brief time 7 were dead and 20 injured.  Tensions are currently high in the UK as the election draws close and people are still in shock after the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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