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Marriage: The Ultimate Goal or Hole?

Wedding ring clustered on a rose | Photo: Pexels


Marriage is a great thing when it comes naturally but when a person actively seeks it as a goal that must be accomplished, many problems tend to occur. This can lead to the not just the failure of the relationship but the marriage if it eventually happens.

There is a great difference between wanting to get married and considering marriage an important goal. The first thing that usually happens when marriage becomes a goal is that a person sacrifices many of his needs, desires and often times ambition just to get married. In other words, the person doesn’t consider looking for the perfect match as much as he considers his desire to get married as fast as he can.

One of the most popular reasons for relationship dissatisfaction and divorce is choosing a person you don’t like much just because ‘you are not getting any younger’ or your parents are yearning for ‘grandchildren’; Too much focus on where you have to go can spoil the whole journey. Relationships are to be built upon emotional understanding; they are not deals that two people make.

There are couples live with each other because they like to and because they want to. If they start paying attention to the societal bonds that marriage comes with all the time then they may be putting their relationships in danger. A good example is Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who weren’t married for years and had an amazing relationship and family. The moment marriage was introduced, it all crumbled.

Even though we cannot change the existing dynamics of our society, we can change our attitude. This can be done by knowing in your heart that you are not worthless; there is more to life to be achieved than getting married.

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