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Woman Loses Both Breasts Following Failed Plastic Surgery

A woman identified as Zara Rodriquez has been left flat-chested with scarring on her breasts after claiming the plastic surgery she signed up for in Turkey was carried out poorly.

The 28-year-old who ‘hated her body’ traveled to Istanbul to get breast implants and a tummy tuck at a cut-price clinic in August last year, Mail Online reports.


But back home in Wiltshire after the seven-hour operation, the left implant began to leak fluid from infection and her right breast was drooping.

The clinic offered to fix Ms Rodriguez’s implants after she posted gruesome photos showing the state of her breasts after surgery on social media.   However, her implants once again began leaking fluid when she returned home, at which point the clinic allegedly stopped returning her calls.

‘I was scared and afraid and so I posted photos on my Instagram to share my situation.

‘But then the company rang me to tell me to fly back and they would fix it for me for free, as long as I deleted the photos. 

‘I naively agreed and apologised for posting them, arranging to fly back in October.’

The morning after arriving at the clinic, Ms. Rodriguez had her left implant removed and replaced and her right implant lifted.

She said: ‘I was so happy and excited to finally be able to enjoy my new breasts, but this was short-lived once again – when I was home my breast started leaking and I began to panic. That was when I continue to message for advice, and I began to get ignored. I posted the photos, but then [the clinic] went on to block me. Still to this day, they’ve continued to ignore me.’

On November 22, Ms. Rodriguez had both her implants removed at Bath Royal United Hospital, leaving her with ‘zero breast tissue’ and low self-esteem. According to her, she will also have to save another £5,000 to undergo corrective surgery in the UK.

Zara Rodriguez | Photo: DailyMail/Caters News Agency



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