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1,606 killed from 125 fatal Boko Haram attacks in 11 months


At least 142 attacks were carried out by the infamous Boko Haram terrorists in northeastern Nigeria in the last eleven months, a report by SBM Intelligence said.

Of the 142 attacks by the insurgents, 125 were fatal attacks with at least 1,606 people killed.

On average, according to the report, 13 people died per-incident, and at least 13 attacks per month were carried out.


SBM Intelligence’s report bolsters the 2020 Global Terrorism Index, which provides the most comprehensive resource on global terrorism trends.

Although the GTI index accounts for 2019 incidents while SBM Intelligence accounts for attacks in 2020.

In the GTI 2020 report, published in November, the total number of deaths from terrorism in Nigeria was 1,245 in 2019.

Nigeria is still the third country most impacted by terrorism, a position it has retained since 2015. Only Afghanistan and Iraq are ranked worse than Nigeria.


The 1,245 deaths in 2019 mean a 39 percent decrease from 2018. Terror-related incidents also fell by 27 percent, marking the lowest level of terrorist violence in Nigeria since 2011.

However, Nigeria and Afghanistan are still the only two countries to have experienced more than 1,000 deaths from terrorism.

GTI stated that the number of deaths attributed to Boko Haram in Nigeria in 2019 increased by 25 percent from 2018. In fact, two attacks carried out by assailants in Nigeria were rated amongst the top 10 list of attacks scaled by the number of fatalities in the World.

It rated the attack carried out at a funeral in Badu, Borno State, killing about 70 people as number eight while the attack in Rann, Borno, in which at least 60 people were killed and dozens were reported missing as the 10th

In all, in 2019, Boko Haram killed at least 736 people in Nigeria which is 69 percent of the 1,068 deaths attributed to Boko Haram in the 2020 GTI, while the remainder occurred in Cameroon, Niger, and Chad at 20, seven, and four percent, respectively.

Also, the Fulani extremists were responsible for 26 percent of terror-related deaths in Nigeria, accounting for, at least, 325 fatalities.


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