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2023: APC lauds Fayemi’s decision to declare for president

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti, has lauded Gov. Kayode Fayemi, for his recent decision to contest for president in 2023.

[FILES] Fayemi. Photo/facebook/JKayodeFayemi

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti, has lauded Gov. Kayode Fayemi, for his recent decision to contest for president in 2023.

Fayemi had on May 4 declared his interest to contest for Nigeria’s presidential seat.

This is contained in a statement issued on Friday in Ado-Ekiti by the Ekiti APC Publicity Secretary, Mr Segun Dipe, who also expressed confidence that Fayemi would finish well as governor.

The APC described Fayemi’s declaration as a “mother of all declarations”.

The party added that Fayemi’s declaration should be taken into serious consideration as the battle for who flies APC’s flag for the 2023 presidential election, rages on.

Dipe, however, assured that notwithstanding the degree of his commitment to the presidential ambition, Fayemi would not derail from his determination to finish his second term as governor well and strong.

The ruling party in Ekiti said the state governor’s success in the state is “sine qua non” for him to step up to the higher and more challenging presidential status.

Dipe also assured that the governor would not toy with his resume of quality service and his legacy, noting that Fayemi cannot be disparaged by any form of propaganda.

The party described Fayemi as a great democrat, a consensus builder of note, and a “comrade at arms” who has paid his dues in ensuring that the Nigerian project does not head for the rocks.

“Fayemi’s declaration is rated the best so far. He spoke intelligently, he spoke confidently, he spoke determinedly and he spoke with all sense of purpose.

“For Gov. Fayemi, failure is not an option,” Dipe said.

While reacting to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) description of Fayemi’s declaration as a “declaration of failure”, the APC said that PDP was only decrying its constant defeat by APC.

The APC added that PDP remained dazed by the dizzying height that Fayemi constantly attained.

Dipe further said that PDP is a party that always maligned people, adding that it knew the truth that Fayemi is an “Omoluabi” par excellence – An omoluabi is a person of honor who believes in hard work, respects the rights of others, and gives to the community in deeds and in action.

According to the APC, Fayemi represents Ekiti well at both the national and international levels.

Dipe noted that PDP knew that Fayemi was doing a great turnaround job in Ekiti and if given the opportunity to replicate it at the national level, he would not fail.

It said that members of the PDP knew that the more Fayemi succeeds, the more their party progressed on the path to extinction.
“The PDP asked Fayemi to tell Nigerians how well he has governed Ekiti to qualify him as the President of Nigeria.

“We dare say that the governor has lifted the State from the dungeon which PDP threw it into and raised its standard very high beyond their imagination,” Dipe added.

The APC further assured that even as Fayemi moved on to higher heights, he would not leave Ekiti “to return to its Egypt”.
Dipe said Fayemi would ensure that his successor inherits and sustains his legacy of quality service.