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5 Most Important Features in a Car


Irrespective of car manufacturers and their model, it’s absolutely necessary to have essential features in a car. Mostly seen, these days, entry-level and mid-range vehicles do not provide the leverage of safety features and daily essentials.

Considering all the facts, we have run down the list of the five most essential features in a car you should not skip. These features are not applicable only when you are off to buy new cars but also used cars. Second-hand cars generally do not have captivating features. It’s always a good idea to get Revs Check while buying a used car. The history report of a vehicle tells you a whole lot of past information about a vehicle. It helps to address financial status, crash reports, stolen reports, and other important facts about the used car.

Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock Braking System, often abbreviated as ABS, is a technology that prevents wheels from locking while applying the emergency brake. Not only it helps with wheel lock but also decreases the distance from the near-collision object. During the critical maneuver, the ABS might save one’s life while transferring full wheel gravity to the road; thus, every vehicle should come with compulsory ABS technology.

The ABS sensor in the wheel is continuously measuring the tires’ rotational speed. Therefore, it examines each wheel’s rotation and directs the brake master to apply constant braking at each wheel, avoiding one from skidding.  First, you should be aware that your car has an ABS system; generally, an ABS indicator is available within a car’s dashboard. ABS is by far the most essential feature to have in a car.

Dual Front Airbags

Airbags are a lifesaving feature every car should have by now. It can get scary during the frontal collision of a vehicle. Passenger continuously moves with the speed of a car, and in case a collision occurs, the inertia of a wheel impact is similar to the passenger impact. The purpose of dual front airbags is to quickly react to the inertia and protect driver and passenger from possible injury. The airbags are designed to operate during moderate to severe conditions, which depends on the vehicle’s speed and force of object collision.

Subsequently, dual front airbags are deployed during the frontal or frontal-offset impacts. It’s located at the steering hub and the passenger dashboard designed to protect from head, neck, and chest injury. Sensors are fit inside the car that measures the vehicle direction and acceleration. At the time of rapid deceleration, airbag modules react quickly and throw dual airbags from the hub. It’s about a split of 20 milliseconds when these airbags get deployed.


Seat Belts are designed to prevent the person inside the car from sudden forward movement. It provides excellent protection from general injury while collision occurs. Similarly, seatbelts ensure the passenger and driver at the front seat are at the correct position when the airbag deploys during the crash. Seatbelts act as an essential lifesaver when a collision occurs. The module inside the car detects the car’s deceleration and tightens the seat belts providing extra safety. The load limiter helps to maintain the tension of seat belts according to the inertia of a vehicle. It’s essential that every vehicle you buy to have automatic seatbelts on them.

Reverse Parking Sensor

A reverse parking sensor is a vital parking guide device installed in a car, helping to avoid obstacles while parking. Not all cars come with reverse parking sensors; however, you can easily install the sensor at the rear end of the vehicle. The device uses a proximity sensor which produces electromagnetic waves to detect the object. The sensor gives confidence while reversing a car.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Wouldn’t it be impressive to have your favorite application running on the dashboard of a car instead of having to pull a smartphone every time? By now, every car manufacturer is taking a keen interest in deploying Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in their vehicle. Due to the rise of Smartphone usage, it’s been an absolute necessity to have these interfaces in a car. The driver can control the use of these interfaces with their voice command. They support both native and third-party applications. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is a crucial digital feature for today’s market

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