Monday, 23rd May 2022
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AbiolaChamp wins most influential coaching leader awards

The Africa Leadership Awards has announced Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami, Nigeria’s Foremost leadership and Performance Coach, as the most influential coaching leader in 2020.

The Africa Leadership Awards has announced Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami, Nigeria’s Foremost leadership and Performance Coach, as the most influential coaching leader in 2020. Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami was recognized for his sterling commitment to workforce productivity, youth and women empowerment as well as leadership development from Africa to the world.

Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami is a leadership and performance coach and Managing Partner of IamaCHAMP Limited, a total capacity development firm focused on designing and delivering high impact intervention for Workforce Productivity, Women Empowerment and Youth Leadership. Under his leadership, the firm has inspired over 10 million people across 30 countries for increased productivity and leadership.

The Africa Leadership Award is a prestigious global event which recognizes super achievers and future business leaders. The glamorous event which held virtually rewards leaders with the ability to steer through turbulent times. It recognizes the achievements made by select high profile leaders in various spaces in Africa and honor their contribution towards human and societal development.

In his acceptance speech, Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami expressed his appreciation for the recognition. “Thank you to the Africa Leadership Awards and the World HRD Congress for this award. Hearty congratulations as well to all the awardees and especially my colleagues in the coaching practice.”

Drawing inspiration from a quote by Sir Winston Churchill which says “we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”, AbiolaChamp said, “for a consistent period of eight years, the CHAMP Organisation has been giving insights to making the lives of youth, women and workforce of organisations. Through social media, traditional media, books, online and classroom sessions, we have inspired millions of people across Africa and the world to rock their world like Champions.”

Further in his speech, he provided CHAMP’s working definition of a Champion. He said “according to the CHAMP Global Vision committed to inspiring 1 Billion Champions by Monday the 30th of November, 2026, a Champion is any individual who is committed to using his or her competence, character, creativity, compassion and courage to make a positive difference anywhere in the world.” He further explained that “This definition is not limited by age, gender, race, religion or political affiliation. So we exist to serve all of humanity to accelerate the performance of individuals, organizations and governments.” “Speaking of giving”, he stated that “in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we launched a campaign that reached over 1 million people across the globe. The campaign was to guide people on How to Handle Panic in the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. We also released a free e-book on how to Enjoy Sound Emotional & Mental Health in the Wake of the pandemic.”

He used the opportunity to reveal a new gift to the world by saying, “Still speaking of giving, our new gift to the world is a new publication titled THE MAGIC Of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – How Champions Apply Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Peak Performance and Advancement in Life.”
‘The MAGIC Of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE’ details how one learns, unlearns and manages emotions whether positive or negative so as to build a more rewarding personal and professional relationship with the people most important to their success.

The revolutionary book has been reviewed by renowned experts. In his comment, Professor Pat Utomi, Founder, Centre for Values in Leadership said, “AbiolaChamp connects the reader to recognizing the power of emotional Intelligence in leading, problem solving and organizational effectiveness. He draws deep insights from experience to help us understand why IQ is not enough. EI or EQ is what lets you be a true champ and this book helps the leader wannabe set forth at dawn. Quite a worthy read stripped of the technical jargon that the great experts inflict on those not as schooled as themselves.”

In the foreword to the book, a Harvard Professor, Professor Dana H.Born said “Abiola writes with personal and professional humility and authority. He continues to inspire people to rock their world like Champions – he does that for me and many – a blessing he shares genuinely and generously even through his book”.

He concluded the acceptance speech by saying “For us in The CHAMP Organization, we are delighted to receive this award as a recognition of our work. So, I dedicate the award to all organizations and individuals who are our partners, supporters, advisers, clients and every beneficiary of our work in The CHAMP Organization.”

Earlier in the year, Abiola was recognized as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) in its unveiled class of 2020 following the opening of the UN 75th General Assembly. He received double recognition from the prestigious work in the Humanitarian, Activism & Religious category and in the Outstanding MIPADian category for going over and beyond.