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Adamawa NUT boss warns Federal Government against sale of assets


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The Adamawa State Chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Rodney S. Nathan, has described the plans by the President Muhammadu Buhari government to sell national assets as a sign that the administration has run out of ideas to run the economy of the country.

Nathan told newsmen yesterday in Yola that the only impact Nigerians are feeling about having government in place is the presence of those assets, saying that selling them means government no longer has any social responsibility to Nigerians.

“If the government due to lack of ideals sells our national assets today and the recession continues what will the government sell again? Will government begin to auction Nigerians to other countries to pay political office holders? what is the guarantee that the money generated will be injected into economy instead of private pockets? ” he queried.

The Adamawa State boss of NUT dismissed the claims by government that very soon the country will come out of the economy crisis, pointing out that the economy management team of the administration has demonstrated its lack of competence to proffer solutions to the economic crisis.

“When you have financial challenges and you begin to sell your personal property you will not recover from the crisis, because you have already given up on all other avenues to address the problems,” he said.

Nathan who accused government of overburden the system with idle aides, urged the administration to come to terms with the present economy crisis and cut down its number of aides to avoid wasting of funds meant for developmental projects in the name paying idle aides.

He said that NUT would use all legal apparatuses available to resist any plans to sell the country to individuals. “Buhari should explain to Nigerians what happened to the funds recovered by his government, this government poses more danger economically to this country, it is better for Buhari to fully turn to agriculture instead of selling assets that are the image of the countryā€¯, he said.

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